Foods that prevent graying of hair, the little one’s black sesame is rich in benefits

Foods that prevent graying of hair quickly, including your little one’s black sesame are rich in benefits. Photos/Illustration/pinterest JAKARTA – Fast hair prevention food gray actually easy and many to find. Black sesame seeds are said to be able to sharpen eyesight. Having black and thick hair in general is the dream of many people […]

5 Benefits of Coriander Leaves, Prevent Cancer To Treat Anemia

iNSulteng – Possible leaf coriander less popular than seeds coriander. However, leaf coriander turns out to have a lot benefit for the health of the body and treat various diseases. Leaf coriander is believed to contain a lot of vitamins. As summarized from various sources, Saturday 27 November 2021, the following benefit drink extract leaf […]

9 healthy benefits of magnesium for the body, don’t take it lightly

3. Lowers Blood Pressure After reviewing 34 studies involving more than 2,000 people with hypertension, researchers found that taking magnesium supplements could lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. However, this effect only applies to people who do have hypertension. Adding the nutrient magnesium does not affect blood pressure levels in people with normal blood pressure. […]

5 Benefits of Betel Leaf Boiled Water for Health, Help Prevent Depression

Illustration of betel leaf. ©2017 – Betel leaf is a herbal plant that is quite popular in Indonesia. Plants that are commonly found in home gardens, are often used as home remedies. There are so many benefits of betel leaf such as overcoming body odor, nosebleeds, to preventing cancer. Launching from Herbal Life, […]

Including being able to fight prostate cancer, here are 3 benefits of pomegranate for health

PR TASIKMALAYA – Fruit pomegranate touted as one of the healthiest fruits on planet Earth. That’s because pomegranate contains a variety of plant compoundsbenefit and unmatched by other foods. A study shows that pomegranate have some benefit good for health. Among them can reduce the risk of developing various diseases. Also Read: Jessica Iskandar’s Health […]