Legend Pak Se-ri vs Golf AI, battle of the century

From golf to stock investment, AI and the best human beings are in exhilarating confrontation. ‘Confrontation of the Century! AI vs. Humans’ is Korea’s first AI variety show in which the best players of artificial intelligence and humans compete in six sports such as golf, stock investment, mochang, and psychological awareness. At the press conference […]

Anosmia, the most common symptom of Covid-19, often begins with dry nose

KOMPAS.com – A new study by University of Barcelona researchers found that some people who test positive for Covid-19 experience a variety of nasal symptoms before more common symptoms become visible. In particular, the study found that symptoms like dry nose often appears before people exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus experience symptoms of anosmia, […]

Recognizing Anosmia: from Symptoms, Causes, to Treatment Page all

KOMPAS.com – Recent data conducted by Office for National Statistics (ONS) researchers shows that the most common symptoms of Covid-19 are anosmia. Reported Healthline, anosmia is partial or complete loss of the sense of smell. This loss may be temporary or permanent. Usually, common conditions that irritate the lining of the nose, such as allergies […]

Still a human cousin, found early human skeleton aged 2 million years

KOMPAS.com- Researchers found fossils framework primordial man 2 million years old in the depths of the cave in Africa South. Skull according to the researchers, male gender belongs to a relative human which has become extinct, known as Paranthropus robustus. As quoted from IFL Science, Wednesday (11/25/2020) fossils primordial man which lived around the tip […]

Covid-19 Task Force Spokesman: Even though there is a Vaccine, Stay Alert and Run 3M

Merdeka.com – A number of parties are intensively preparing the Covid-19 vaccine. Where, the corona virus has claimed tens of millions of human lives in various parts of the world. The community is expected not to be careless to remain vigilant and obedient in implementing health protocols so as not to become infected. For those […]

Doctor warned against risks of uncontrolled intake of vitamin D

Moscow, 17 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Honored Doctor of Russia, leading scientific editor of the Vrachu.ru service Mikhail Kagan, in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, spoke about the negative consequences of the uncontrolled use of vitamin D, which many Russians paid attention to during the coronavirus pandemic. Kagan confirmed that Russia is located in a zone […]

Television exposes human frailties from November 16 to 22

Every Sunday, West France associates with TV Magazine to find the essential programs for the coming week. Our selection from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 November is placed under the sign of fragility. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has already mourned hundreds of thousands of families around the world, has led every inhabitant of the planet […]