Extraordinary news about Mityo Ochite and a big turnaround!

The Appellate Specialized Criminal Court (ASC) terminated the case against the organized criminal group of Dimitar Zhelyazkov – Mityo Ochite. This happened at the end of today’s working day, claims Flagman.bg, referring to an extremely reliable source. A regular hearing was scheduled for Monday, but was canceled after the special court of second instance (ASNS) […]

A doctor fertilized a woman with his semen without her understanding PHOTOS

A resident of the US state of New Jersey, who underwent an in vitro fertilization procedure, found out many years later that her doctor was a sperm donor, and accused him of “medical rape”, NBC News reports. In 1983, Bianca Voss consulted with Martin Greenberg, a New York obstetrician-gynecologist, about the in vitro fertilization procedure. […]

Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian women

The Chinese spoke about the reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian women, despite their illustrious beauty Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian womenPhoto: Andrey KOPALOV Resize text:AA Chinese journalist portal Sohu listed several reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian girls, despite their beauty. According to the author of […]

Director Alexei Uchitel – about the new nudity of Christina Asmus: “I was amazed!”

Each has its own isolation. Someone got stuck in Bali, someone climbed away into the wilderness, someone does not leave the city apartment. And here Director Alexey Uchitel (“Walk”, “Land”, “Diary of his wife”) is completing work on a new painting – “47”, dedicated to the journey of Victor’s tomb Tsoi to the northern capital […]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got a job

The Dukes of Saxes will give public lectures Prince Harry and Meghan Markle found a jobФото: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS Resize text:AA Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle got a job. After couple left the royal family and left Great Britain, for some time they could not find a permanent source of income. However, now […]

sick Tatyana Bulanova was left without a livelihood

Tatyana Bulanova spent more than a week at the Institute of Cardiology in St.Petersburg. Initially, 51-year-old artist was in intensive care with a suspected strokehowever, she was later transferred to a separate ward. The mood of the star, to put it mildly, is not very. Just two days before the emergency hospitalization, the singer admitted […]

The ex-wife admitted that she beat Johnny Depp and threw pans at him

Few years ago johnny Depp parted with a noise with his wife, actress Amber Heard. She showed reporters bruises during the last, especially violent quarrel, when Depp allegedly threw her mobile phone. Then, in May 2016, Amber came to court accompanied by a lawyer to file an application for “repeated beatings” by her husband. “Throughout […]