Why did so many people die in 2022?

For the third year in a row, more people died in our country than expected. Heat, covid and flu played a role. The question is whether there is more going on. In 2022, 116,404 inhabitants of Belgium died, at least according to the provisional figures of Statbel. Because some deaths are reported late, that number […]

Immune system: First contact with corona affects immunity

So what does this mean for our current vaccines? Rosemary Boyton emphasizes that they are “brilliant” at protecting against difficult courses. However, now that most people already have immune protection, scientists should focus on finding vaccines that can overcome imprinting. This is the only way to stop the spread of the virus and not just […]

Epidemiologist: “Congestions from transport, kindergartens and schools favor the transmission of respiratory infections”

Specialists explain the return to the situation before the Covid-19 pandemic by the fact that people have stopped complying with preventive measures: wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance. Europa Liberă spoke with the epidemiologist Angela Paraschiv, head of the Epidemiology discipline at the “Nicolae Testemițanu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, about the […]

Relieve Nasal Congestion and Sinuses with Point Massage on These Body Parts

Get to know the following points for cold and sinus massage that you can try to relieve the symptoms. GridHEALTH.id – Experience flu and sinus of course the main symptom that is felt is a disturbance in the nasal passages that makes it difficult for a person to breathe. This condition certainly causes discomfort for […]

How long can I keep taking paracetamol?

Many people do not know the difference between paracetamol and aspirin. The difference is simple, says Klijn Velderman. “Paracetamol is a great painkiller, which actually has hardly any side effects and is therefore very safe to use: it has an analgesic and fever-reducing effect. Aspirin also does that, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Think […]

After its similarity with Corona.. Health identifies 9 main symptoms of influenza

12:11 PM Wednesday, January 18, 2023 Books – Ahmed Gomaa: The Ministry of Health and Population has identified 9 main symptoms of influenza infection, which are similar to the symptoms experienced by people with the emerging coronavirus. The ministry said in an educational leaflet, on Wednesday, that the flu usually comes suddenly and often those […]

Only 4% of flu patients in Plovdiv schools

Only 4 percent are sick children in educational institutions in Plovdiv. Indeed, there are classes in which 5-10 children are left, but the general picture is not like that, said Deputy Mayor for Education Stefan Stoyanov, referring to data from the Regional Health Inspection. As “Maritsa” reported earlier, up-to-date references were requested from the directors […]

Influenza in the workplace is a major challenge for employers

‘Planning is a challenge, every day,’ says Sigi van Duijvenboden, Head of Operations at Vreugdenhil, with offices in Rijswijk and Leiden, among others. ‘Apart from people with the flu, we have a number of long-term sick reports. As a result, the pressure on the other employees is somewhat greater. And absenteeism at the office can […]