Flu. The vaccination campaign is launched

France launched its annual vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu, in a particularly uncertain context because always marked by the Covid-19 epidemic. Since early 2020, “The flu virus has circulated very little, (but) has not disappeared”, summarized Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, Thursday at a press conference. From this Friday, the French can therefore […]

Sciensano: “In fact, no flu in the country yet”

© IMAGEGLOBE In the week of 11 to 17 October, the overall incidence of GP consultations for flu-like symptoms remained stable at 73 consultations per 100,000 inhabitants per week. This is reported by health institute Sciensano on Wednesday in the weekly bulletin about respiratory infections. There was a significant decrease in the 15-64 age group. […]

The flu is getting worse this year: you need to know this

1. What are the expectations? Bentvelsen: “The forecasts are not rosy. We know from calculations that it could be an earlier and more severe flu wave. We may have to deal with two flu waves: a second wave at the end of this year and the beginning of next year. We have not had the […]

Bronchiolitis, flu, gastro … Why seasonal illnesses are making a comeback

Runny nose, sore throat, coughing fits … The Scientific Council has warned of an upsurge in seasonal illnesses at the end of the year. And children are the first to be affected. While 2020 had been rather lenient with regard to seasonal illnesses, the trend seems to be reversing this year. The organization of coordinated […]

Flu vaccination rate among people with indication increased again in 2020

Utrecht Over the past three years, the percentage of people with an indication who had been vaccinated against flu rose from 50% in 2017, to 53% in 2019, to 54% or 57% in 2020. The results are the result of the annual Vaccination Rate Monitor NPG ( National Program Influenza Prevention) of the Nivel, on […]

Having Sex Regularly Helps Prevent the Flu

loading… JAKARTA – Having sex regularly can help prevent flu . A general practitioner who focuses on men’s health, Dr Jeff Foster explains that having sex sex have benefits, especially with age. When it comes to health, many people focus on things like diet and exercise. Yet sex life can make a huge contribution to […]

Research: Covid-19 Vaccine and Flu Vaccine Are Safe to Be Injected Together

Merdeka.com – The COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine are safe to be injected together because they do not have a negative impact on the immune response produced by both, according to research in the UK on Thursday (30/9). Britain and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere are getting ready for winter. A spike in […]

Have the same symptoms, this is different from the flu and Covid-19

KOMPAS.com – When you sneeze and cough, we must be afraid that it will happen due to Covid-19. In fact, it could be that these symptoms are just flu mere. Flu and Covid-19 are both caused by viruses. Symptoms are also the same, such as not feeling well, coughing, and runny nose. So how do […]