So you can distinguish between them .. 4 main differences between Coron’s symptoms

5:00 PM Monday, January 11, 2021 I wrote – Hind Khalifa: The emergence of a new strain of the Corona virus confused many people, especially with the increasing numbers of infection, and talk about the emergence of new symptoms of the virus, which are very similar to the symptoms of influenza, as scientists revealed. According […]

How do you differentiate between flu and Corona symptoms? .. An infographic

At a time when millions of people suffer from colds and flu, especially in the winter season, and with the spread of the Corona epidemic, it was found that there is a great similarity between the influenza virus and the emerging corona virus, but on the other hand there are some differences that help distinguish […]

Rainy Season Flu Alert, These 8 Foods Can Prevent Flu

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The beginning of the new year is synonymous with the rainy season, so it is often called the flu season. Coupled with the current condition of the Covid-19 pandemic, flu is a little bit undoubtedly making us somewhat paranoia. Quoted from Boldsky, some people who often catch flu are usually because […]

6 foods to avoid if you have the flu

1:00 pm Sunday 27 December 2020 I wrote – Shaima Morsi Influenza virus infection increases in winter, so you must know which foods cause the symptoms to worsen, to avoid eating them for a quick recovery. In the report, we review the foods that should not be eaten if you suffer from influenza symptoms, as […]

Andong City, influenza (flu) vaccination is free

To prevent corona 19 confusion Free vaccination at the nearest hospital or clinic ▲ Deputy Mayor Park Sung-soo of Andong City is getting a flu vaccination shot (Photo = Andong City Hall) <![CDATA[]]> [안동=내외뉴스통신] Reporter Kim Young-sam Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province, is offering free vaccinations to Andong citizens until the 31st to prevent confusion […]

Corona Covid-19 Virus 3 Times More Deadly than Flu – Corona virus Covid-19 much worse than flu seasonal. A study also outlines this ugliness by showing that the death rate from the corona virus is 3 times higher than the seasonal flu. The study used French national data in the journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, which underlines the increasing severity of disease in […]

Watch out, sore throat and chills can be symptoms of Covid-19

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Family medicine specialist, Kathryn Boling, stated that a sore throat plus chills or chills could be a sign of COVID-19. Bowling, who practices at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, United States, said there are patients who think they have allergies, flu, or sore throat but after testing positive COVID-19. “I tell patients if […]