Vaccination, a key measure for the healthy aging of the population

The aging of the population is a reality that implies unavoidable challenges, including preventing the collapse of the health system. Aging healthy is a priority both as an individual objective and from a collective perspective. This was revealed by prominent experts at the meeting ‘Vaccines for healthy aging’, organized by the Health Observatory, with the […]

European institutions prohibit their workers from installing TikTok for security reasons

The European Commission and the Council of the European Union have prohibited this Thursday the use of the TikTok application on the corporate devices of their employees and on affiliated personal devices such as protection measure against cybersecurity actions and threats. At first, it was the European Commission that made the decision. However, after that […]

The mystery of the Van and the harsh disciplinary action – Big Brother VIP

The mystery of the black envelope shown by the presenter at the beginning of the broadcast deepens. What will be inside? Before revealing it, Alfonso says that, during the previous night, four VIPs – as well Edward, Tavassi, Nicole e Micol – they have behaved incorrectly and, precisely for this reason, a measure is coming […]

Aneta Vignerová cried after a day with her son, then…

Aneta Vignerová with her son Source: Profmedia Model Aneta Vignerová hasn’t been having a happy time since mid-August, when director Petr Kolečko left her. While it seemed like everything was going to be all right at one point, another slap soon came. Luckily she has her son Jiřík by her side, who is her biggest […]

Vondráčková and Polívka went on a romantic trip: together…

Singer Lucie Vondráčková and MMA fighter Zdeněk Polívka initially kept their relationship a secret. They didn’t want to talk about him, let alone post pictures together. But now the situation is different. It seems that their love is developing in the right direction, so the couple has no problem showing it to others. Lucie Vondráčková […]

Aneta Vignerová won the battle for Petr Koleček’s heart. Sokyn sent a message

Model Aneta Vignerová (35) has a stormy breakup with Petr Koleček (38). However, it seems that not so long ago the wild waters calmed down again, as the screenwriter left his lover Denisa Nesvačilová (31), with whom he struck a spark during the filming of the Pálava series. Vigner isn’t enjoying the turn of events […]