“Health Insurance” ends the electronic link between Luxor and Ismailia hospitals

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, Director of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project and Head of the Health Care Authority, confirmed that the comprehensive health insurance project is proceeding at steady steps in the governorates of the first phase and has achieved great achievement rates. Al-Sobky said to “The Seventh Day”: We are raising the efficiency of the […]

New roadmap for IC shortage: young people will eventually go …

In a new version of the medical crisis protocol, young people are also given priority when there is a shortage of intensive care places. The cabinet previously warned against age discrimination and sent the medical specialists back with homework. But they stick to the generation criterion if other (medical) considerations make no difference. This is […]

Belgium pays 4.27 million euros for useless corona medics …

© AP Belgium has paid 4.27 million euros for a Covid-19 drug that the World Health Organization (WHO) says is useless, Het Laatste Nieuws writes on Monday. Our country was warned about this, but Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A) nevertheless placed a large order. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp MailFill .

A gazebo for waiting outside the headquarters of Group Medicine

A new gazebo welcomes citizens outside the Massa Lombarda Group Medicine headquarters, in Viale Baravelli, guaranteeing those who go to the family doctors’ clinics adequate coverage in the waiting times before entering. The councilor for health Paolo Gherardi expresses satisfaction, on behalf of the entire municipal administration of Massa Lombarda, for the structure set up […]

“Only if so many are vaccinated will the pandemic stop”

After the first date with the director general of the Ausl Romagna Tiziano Carradori, Mayor Michele de Pascale returned live on Facebook to discuss the issues of health and the Covid emergency, which is putting doctors and hospitals around the world in serious difficulty, together with the director of public health of Ausl Romagna Raffaella […]

Calabria, postponed commissioner – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 25 – New black smoke for the appointment of the Health Commissioner in Calabria. After a long discussion in the Government, the CDM ended without any designation. The two names that last night competed for the role seem to fade: for a series of crossed vetoes, neither the profile of Narciso […]