IPHEM calls for donating plasma and blood

The Provincial Institute of Hemotherapy (IPHEM) summons all those people who have suffered from COVID-19 with the aim of being potential plasma donors. The Coordinator of the institute Dr. Alfredo Laplagne explained “we need convalescent / recovered plasma donors from COVID-19, the Plasma stock at the moment is 42 units. 1 to 4 people out […]

The importance of reproductive health

On World Fertility Day, we consult the Dr. Sonia Molina, responsible for the Section of Reproductive Medicine of the Gynecology Service of Rawson Hospital, the only public institution in the province that performs fertility treatments and is a receiving center in the Cuyo area, on treatments and advice for people who are thinking about or […]

no account deletion planned after May 15

It was an announcement that had caused great debate a few months ago: Whatsapp will impose new general conditions of use, in particular by forcing users to accept the sharing of certain personal data with its parent company Facebook. The announcement caused a scandal, especially since Whatsapp indicated in the process that users who did […]

Teodora Duhovnikova: I like my face and the wrinkles on it

Dukhovnikova does not bother to show her face without makeup. PHOTO: FACEBOOK PROFILE OF THE ACTRESS The actress refuted the gossip that there are aesthetic corrections Teodora Duhovnikova surrendered to the vanity and strained her skin, after years of trying to turn her back on any kind of aesthetic corrections on her face. With this […]

“Postharvest treatments and vine fertilizations”, new virtual training on viticulture

The Ministry of Production and Economic Development, through the Directorate of Vitivinicultural Affairs dependent on the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Agroindustry, invites you to participate in the 7th talk on Viticulture, which will be held this Tuesday, March 30 at 8:00 p.m. “Post-harvest treatments and the fertilization of the vine” is the name of […]

$ 1 billion in benefits for Megan and Harry

A TV presenter leaves a furious studio because of the interview “Before we start, I just want to make it clear to everyone that even though we are neighbors, we do not have an agreement. You don’t know what I’m going to ask you, there are no forbidden topics and you don’t get paid for […]

Illusion for Papu; goodbye to Carlos, loan of Idrissi and nothing else

Much noise and finally only three operations. In the chapter of tickets, a single signing in Sevilla, that of Papu Gómez, which has made a lot of media noise and has excited the Sevilla fans. Monchi, in another great management, has been able to incorporate into a market opportunity that is already available for Julen […]

Crack: rumors of a new rivalry between Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan Markle grow

A renowned expert on royal issues, Sean Smith, said that the Dukes of Sussex should take over a historic work of Queen Elizabeth II, giving rise to speculation of a new confrontation between members of the British crown Every year, the reina Isabell II distinguish in a Author of recent biography Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith […]

The head physician of the Amur dermatovenous dispensary named the main symptoms of COVID-19

The chief physician of the regional dermatovenerologic dispensary, Alexander Platonov, advises to suspect any cold a priori for coronavirus. He explained in what cases it is necessary to urgently call a doctor. The general symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to common viral colds. This often leads to late visits and advanced morbidity, says Platonov. […]