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Horacio Arruda defends Quebec’s strategy

The national director of public health, Dr Horacio Arruda, defended the strategy adopted by Quebec on Thursday when the objective of carrying out 14,000 tests of COVID-19 daily is slow to materialize.

According to the latest figures presented by the government, this figure is still around 10,000.

On Thursday, Dr Horacio Arruda clarified that the number of 14,000 daily tests announced last week was rather a target to be reached and that there were still “human resource challenges”.

“We gave a figure, a target to reach, then we want to reach them, we want to target the target. But, it may be that sometimes we do not arrive for all kinds of reasons, ”he explained.

In an interview with the Crown corporation on Thursday, Canada’s chief scientific advisor, Mona Nemer, severely criticized the lack of information from Quebec about the screening strategy promised by the Legault government.

However, according to Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec is not accountable for this.

“I consider that I am not accountable to this lady, but to the people of Quebec, yes, then to my authorities,” he said during the daily press conference of the Quebec authorities.

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