Covid: Swedish premier, our strategy has not changed – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – STOCKHOLM, 22 DEC – Sweden continues to pursue the same strategy against the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the recent introduction of more severe measures to contain the infections: Prime Minister Stefan Lofven reiterated this. “I can understand the urge to ask: has the strategy changed? No, essentially it’s exactly the same: make sure we […]

The most “ugly” symptom of vitamin D deficiency named

Moscow, 29 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Vitamin D deficiency during the winter season can be a serious problem for most of those who permanently reside in the northern hemisphere. A whole range of unusual consequences can result from this deficiency. Vitamin D is one of the most important components that play a key role in most […]

Tourists disappeared and in downtown Lisbon time stood still

Time stopped in downtown Lisbon. The lack of tourists due to the pandemic paints a void in the center of the Portuguese capital, with many shops closed and with merchants at the door waiting for the customers they once had. The streets are full of people, but few stop at shops and restaurants. The president […]

The anticlimax of the Gibran vs BaJo regional election debate

Solo, CNN Indonesia — Initial Public Debate Solo Pilkada between pairs of candidates Gibran Rakabuming Raka-Teguh Prakosa and Bagyo Wahono-FX Soepardjo (Low) ends anticlimax on Friday night (6/11). Gibran, who is President Jokowi’s eldest son, did convey a number of things that could be considered concrete solutions. However, his opponent, BaJo, only spoke at the […]

GGD: ‘Commercial test streets do not comply with the notification requirement’

REGION – The GGD North and East Gelderland warns that the corona figures will be blurred. The organization sees that a number of commercial test streets in the region do not comply with the notification requirement. This obligation means that the doctor or laboratory involved must report any positive test result to the GGD. In […]

Revolving card interest falls to 22.86% after Supreme Court ruling | Companies

The interest rates of the revolving cards have been reduced from 25.2% to 22.86% APR of the current average, after the majority of financial market operators have lowered their prices after the Court’s ruling on March 4 Supreme, according to the Asufin Barometer. At these prices, financing a purchase of 1,000 euros with a minimum […]