Elda starts becoming a member of Eurocities, a network of prominent European cities

Elda begins its incorporation into the network of large European cities EurocitiesINFORMATION The Elda delegation that has traveled this week to Belgium met this morning at Brussels con Eurocitiesan entity that constitutes a network of 170 European municipalities representing 130 million citizens of 35 countries. The mayor of Elda, Ruben Alfarotogether with the Councilor for […]

How to Escape Life Insurance and Retirement Savings Plan?

OUR ADVICE – Whatever their investment, the methods of recovering their savings are identical. The taxation of his additional income has, on the other hand, nothing to do. Once the hour of retirement has come, the saver can use, as he sees fit, the savings collected in a retirement savings plan (PER) or life insurance. […]

In which neighborhoods and on which properties should you invest in Le Havre?

OUR ADVICES – The city of Édouard Philippe is attracting a growing number of real estate investors to whom it offers great prospects at still low prices. Affording a 50 m² three-room apartment for less than 120,000 euros all inclusive in a city of nearly 200,000 inhabitants is (still) possible. For this, real estate investors […]

With the AVE just around the corner

With the AVE just around the cornerIRMA COLLIN On November 9, there was a trip that the President of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, described as “historic”. If its duration (20 minutes) and its distance (50 kilometers) are taken in isolation, it does not seem like a great feat. But it is that it was the […]

How to reduce the cost of your life insurance?

The fees levied on your life insurance contracts significantly reduce their performance. 48307749/Olivier Le Moal – stock.adobe.com OUR ADVICES – Significant savings can be achieved if you understand the structure of these fees. Nearly 2000 billion euros are invested by the French in life insurance contracts. A capital that delights finance professionals: managers, insurers, distributors… […]

Life insurance or PER? How to properly supplement your retirement pension

OUR ADVICES – They are your best allies to compensate for the drop in your income once you retire, provided you choose the right savings product that suits you. Follow the leader. Whether or not you are affected by the reform in preparation, retirement is synonymous with a drop in income. According to the Conseil […]

At a value of $5.5 billion, the Investment Fund announces the completion of…

the date 2/10/2023 2:15:48 PM (MENAFN- Al Watan) The Public Investment Fund announced the completion of the second issuance of its international green bonds, with proceeds amounting to $5.5 billion, which will be used to finance and refinance the fund’s green projects, in line with the fund’s green financing framework.In October 2022, the fund issued […]

Savings accounts in Switzerland: comparison and alternatives

There are numerous ways to save money in Switzerland. How to choose the right investment product and increase your savings? Thanks to our comparisons and explanations, you will make the right decision. Savings accounts in Switzerland Savings accounts are designed to put money aside and grow it over a period of time. Since the main […]