One thousand flats bought in cash in Asturias

The capital loaned for the purchase of houses in the region was more than 613 million According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), obtained from the Property Registries, in Asturias last year 7,589 home sale transactions were recorded, which represented a fall of 9% compared to 2019. In parallel According to the […]

A new protest against racism falsehood USA – EL PAÍS

A new protest against racism falsework USA EL PAÍS Demonstrations in the United States, minute by minute: thousands of people protest against racism in the world CNN Trump urges governors again to send the National Guard to “dominate” the streets of the country Univision Thousands of Australians join “Black Lives Matter” protests El Nuevo […]

Dana Borisova admitted that she was an escort girl

Looks like a 43 year old Dana Borisova, which was treated for a long time the whole world from alcohol and drug addiction, again broke. For the umpteenth time in the past week, Borisov has been in a strange state on Instagram. However, the TV presenter claims that this is libelous gossip. Alas, her incoherent […]