Implant chips with green certificates in Sweden (Video)

The Swedish company Epicenter has started offering the implantation of an NFC chip containing a Kovid certificate in the palm of the hand. According to the developers, this will eliminate the worry that the phone may be lost or forgotten, and with it the green certificate will disappear, reports Metro, quoted by The chip […]

What are the effects of teleworking on health?

For the twenty years of Futura, our editorial team has been interested in a social phenomenon which has accelerated with the pandemic and which has shaken the planet since February 2019: teleworking. It suddenly became the primary mode of work for many people for months. At the time of the face-to-face return, at least in […]

US to declare diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics – media / GORDON

It is noted that neither President Joe Biden nor other US government officials will attend the Olympics in China. The diplomatic boycott of the Games is introduced in order to respond to human rights violations by the Chinese authorities, but without prejudice to US athletes. Biden is expected to approve the decision to boycott the […]

Karina Galicia, knows her music to cure anxiety.

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 22.09.2021 17:09:45 Another girl singing? Yes. Karina Galicia sings and does it from the purest feeling, from the most sincere emotions that she and that anyone could experience in life and that is either of love, empowerment or an anxiety attack, his songs transmit calm and fill with peace. ​She […]

Afghanistan: UNICEF, 300,000 displaced children – World

“We cannot abandon the children of Afghanistan in times of need”: is the appeal of the regional director of UNICEF George Laryea-Adjei. The humanitarian organization estimates that 300,000 children are forced to leave their homes, in some cases while sleeping, following the arrival of the Taliban and the rush to leave the country. One million […]

Taliban seized Pentagon planes and missiles – media

Photo: Getty US military in Afghanistan The seizure of even a small number of weapons is of concern to the leadership of the United States. The Taliban terrorist movement has seized a small number of US aircraft, military helicopters and anti-tank missiles, sources told Al-Arabiya TV. As the interlocutors of the channel noted, the seizure […]

Smoke from fires reached the North Pole (Overview)

The smoke from Siberia has traveled over 3,000 km The Greeks are jumping against the authorities – they are not responding adequately to the disaster Prime Minister Mitsotakis apologized, giving 500m in aid to those affected by the blaze Heavy heat in Italy, alarm in Rome and 7 other cities Forest fires in Siberia are […]