AIDS: sex education for young people, a forgotten priority

On the occasion of 1is December, a day dedicated to the fight against HIV / AIDS, the Sidaction association deplores the lack of sex education among young people as well as the drop in the number of tests. In a statement published on the occasion of the world aids day, Sidaction alerts on “The need […]

The Importance of Giving Influenza Vaccination During a Pandemic – Influenza or flu is a disease that is often overlooked by many people. In fact, this disease should also be controlled, especially through vaccination. Data from the WHO shows that in 2018 there were 3-5 million people worldwide affected by severe influenza infections every year. Of these, an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people […]

Hepatitis – coffee or tea

Chronic inflammation of the liver is a dangerous disease. Symptoms appear so late that the liver is often irreparably damaged. But you can protect yourself! There are many causes of liver inflammation. Alcohol and an unhealthy diet can cause liver inflammation, as can certain drugs and viruses. In some people, their own immune system also […]

HPV Vaccination Should Start in Grade 5 or 6 Elementary School – Cervical cancer is one of the health problems experienced by quite a lot of women. This health problem can be prevented early on by giving the HPV vaccine. In order to welcome National Health Day, the Indonesian Coalition to Prevent Cervical Cancer (KICKS) is collaborating with the DKI Health Office Jakarta held an […]

Don’t let your guard down and stand up to breast cancer

Every two hours a woman in Mexico dies from this Cancer and due to the pandemic, many of them interrupted their detection studies; so it is very important that you see your doctor, since this cancer is curable if it is detected early. BREAST SELF-EXAMINATION IS THE BEST PREVENTION – This control must be done […]

Throughout 2021, Hundreds of Residents of Tangerang Regency are Infected with DHF – 268 residents of Tangerang Regency were recorded to be infected with the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) virus from January to September 2021. This number is far lower than the same period before the Covid-19 pandemic which reached 1,000 cases. The Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Tangerang District Health Office, Hendra […]

The UN named the time of the disappearance of African glaciers

Photo: Killimanjaro African countries will have to spend $ 30-50 billion annually to prevent the consequences of climate change. Africa’s glaciers could disappear by 2040. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the UN report. The document says that last year was abnormally warm and broke 30-year records. “The imminent disappearance of the […]

Mouchamps. Health prevention day brings together nearly 60 people

The nursing center ADMR (Home help in rural areas) Le Boupère-Mouchamps-Sèvremont organized, Thursday, its annual day called “Health prevention”. After successive editions dedicated to hearing, sight, eating well, moving well, the fight against isolation has been chosen as the 2021 theme. Nearly sixty people gathered for the occasion. After a brief presentation of the objectives, […]

Prevent Heart Disease Early by Reducing Risk Factors – Heart disease specialist from the University of Indonesia dr. Radityo Prakoso, SpJP (K), FIHA, said that heart disease can be prevented as early as possible by promoting a healthy lifestyle and specific protection to reduce a number of risk factors. ”The first chain of prevention is health promotion. This is the main spearhead […]