Georgia is in the bottom 50 places in the country for alcohol consumption per head

ATLANTA, Georgia (Telemundo Atlanta) – People in the United States really like to drink alcoholic beverages, although that varies greatly from state to state. In fact, although Georgia had a consumption of 1.91 liters per head, this puts the state at number 48 of the main consumers of alcoholic beverages in the country, according to […]

SPOTIFY \ The new personalized Spotify playlist that has revolutionized users

2023 has begun and with it come numerous premieres, whether in the field of music, reading or cinema. Despite the eagerness of the population waiting to consume new content that keeps so many fans on edge, other classics continue to position themselves as favorites. It happens in all the arts; there is always a production […]

Price list for the latest Xiaomi Redmi cellphones for 2023, check the details! – Welcoming the beginning of 2023, Xiaomi offers attractive offers for Indonesian consumers. Two of Xiaomi’s mid-range phones, namely the Redmi 10 5G and Redmi 10 2022, have now dropped in price, making them both the best performing phones in their class at a new, more economical price. Redmi 10 5G, the first Redmi […]

Winning numbers in the 2021 Christmas Lottery draw

A total of 2,408 million euros (70% of the issue) are divided between Jackpot, second prize, third, fourth, fifth, pedreas and redemptions. The prizes in the Christmas Lottery draw consist of 172 series and each series has 100,000 tickets. The total issue amounts to 3.4 million euro. At 10:59 the first fourth prize of the […]

“Having a vaccine in just four months and having it ready to be applied to the world’s population in nine is a milestone that will go down in the annals of medicine.”

The information appearing on the website is intended exclusively for healthcare professionals authorized to prescribe or dispense medicines in Spain, therefore specialized training is required for its correct interpretation. The products mentioned on this website may have a different technical sheet authorized in other countries. The information provided on the website does not replace but […]