“How do you think this Instagram photo is received?”

Posted on Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 12:27 p.m. The photo of Alexander De Croo and Egbert Lachaert caused a lot of reaction, even if the main stakeholders ensure all measures were respected. In this time of health crisis where there are many rules to follow, it is better to always pay attention to what […]

Show “Dom-2” was closed after 16 years of broadcasting :: Society :: RBC

However, on the same day, the director general of the Dom-2 project, Alexander Rastorguev, said that they were not planning to close the show itself, it would simply stop broadcasting on the TV channel. “Is he [«Дом-2»] does not close, but it ends its exit on the TNT channel, it’s true I will not comment […]

Alexander De Croo on the new measures: “We would not want to import a new variant of the virus into Belgium”

De Croo justified the latest decisions of the Concertation Committee on Wednesday by “recent worrying developments”. Lhe travelers who enter Belgian territory by air, river or rail will be systematically checked, Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden assured Wednesday. The new rules decided earlier today by the Concertation Committee stipulate that anyone returning to Belgium from a […]

Wuppertaler SV again loses outnumbered and is still with Voigt

November 29, 2020 at 5:46 pm Paid content: Football regional league : WSV loses outnumbered again and continues to stand by the coach <!– <!– <!– The WSV coaching team Alexander Voigt (left) and Samir El Hajjaj had to react to many setbacks against Wiedenbrück. Photo: Fischer, Andreas H503840 Wuppertal After an early deficit and […]

Myasnikov lists foods that reduce the risk of cancer

Today, 12:40 | author: Daria Kuznetsova | Photo pixabay.com Vitamin D helps not only cope with coronavirus, but also to exclude the development of many oncological diseases. Doctor Alexander Myasnikov advised to look for it in ordinary products. This vitamin plays a vital role. With its deficiency, bones, intestines and other organs suffer. For the […]