Look at 3 factors that make “COVID 19” less severe from what? Check it out.

” Look at 3 factors that make “COVID 19” less severe from what? Check it out, here’s the answer. Doctor Yong reveals that the virus evolved itself in order to live with humans. with vaccination and infection COVID 19 There is still an ongoing epidemic. without an end soon But one thing that has changed […]

1,685 HIV and AIDS cases registered in South Tangerang during 2015-2022

www.merdeka.com – The South Tangerang City Health Bureau recorded the number of HIV and AIDS cases in the city, reaching 1,685 cases in the period 2015 to November 2022. Of that number, 1,460 cases of HIV patients and 225 cases of AIDS. “For the number of cases in 2022 for January-November, there were 308 cases […]

Careful! The following 5 variables can maximize the threat of diabetes

PR DEPOK – If typically diabetic issues often identified as the ailment of the aged, it now appears that this designation is no for a longer time legitimate. Since this metabolic ailment began to be knowledgeable by young people today because of to the life-style, the deficiency of exercise and the usage of fatty food […]

Recognize Asthma Trigger Factors to Prevent Inflammation when Relapse

Illustration (Pexels JAKARTA, kilat.com- Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Faisal Yunus, Ph.D., Sp.P(K) recommends that asthmatic patients recognize trigger factors, and follow the treatment recommended by doctors to prevent inflammation when the respiratory disease recurs. “The goal of asthma management is so that patients can control the risk of […]