Will there be a Third World War – what the prophets say

Divination Ball Photo: Pixaybey Kazakhstan’s Vanga Vera Lyon and Iran’s Prophet Salman Salehigudarza have not overlooked the questions that concern humanity about the future of the earth. The fortune teller noted that Russia expects many important events. Some of them will be really difficult for most citizens. That is why people should be prepared for […]

A mysterious meteor swarm has arrived on Earth

Shortly after the arrival of the new year, you can watch a meteor show in the night sky. The Quadrantids, one of the three strongest meteor swarms of the year, arrived on Earth. The first meteors from the swarm arrived on January 1. Their top however, it is still before us, will occur on the […]

The probe found huge supplies of water in the Martian canyons

Valles Marineris is a remarkable geological formation – the largest system of canyons in the solar system. This unique Martian surprised astronomers with a new finding: less than a meter below its surface is water. Water is key to the settlement of Mars. And not just for drinking. You can break it down into oxygen […]

Scientists have created the first artificial life to reproduce

Living robots have begun to multiply on their own – and it’s not science fiction, it’s reality. Scientists have created the first artificial life capable of replication. They are unique robots. The researchers first created them in January 2020 from the heart stem cells of the water frog (Xenopus laevis). They called them xenobots. “It’s […]

What would the end of the Earth look like in the maw of a black hole?

There are few objects in the universe that evoke as much imagination in humans as black holes – material objects that can absorb everything around them. These space terminators, who are born when big stars die and fall into each other, are able to erase space and time. The last fireworks on the planet Let’s […]

The new variant of the coronavirus is as dangerous as Ebola

Health workers take out the body of an Ebola victim in Congo PHOTO: Reuters The new version of the coronavirus omicron can endanger humanity to the same extent as the Ebola virus. This was announced by the President of the World Medical Association (WMA) Frank Ulrich Montgomery, quoted by Russian media. “My biggest fear is […]

The longest lunar eclipse in almost 600 years is approaching

From an astronomical point of view, this will be an extraordinary phenomenon: the Earth will overshadow the moon’s disk for more than three hours. The longest lunar eclipse in the last 581 years will occur on Friday, November 19. It will take 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds. People could last see the longer […]

Supervolcan eruptions can occur without warning, geologists warn

The eruption of one of the supervolcanoes can have similar consequences as a nuclear war. And we cannot reliably predict this natural disaster, scientists warn in a new study. The findings of the new study suggest that some super-volcanic eruptions may not be preceded by signals that we can detect in smaller volcanoes, such as […]