“Humanity: A Circus Performance Infused with Five Visions by Goya”

HUMANITY (FIVE VISIONS BY GOYA FOR THE CIRCUS) BRINGS TOGETHER SEVERAL SHORT CIRCUS PIECES Signed by four young directors under the joint direction of Rakel Camacho and with María Folguera as playwright who spins the show. In it Circus Price TheaterSusan Sontag and Francisco de Goya, a 20th century thinker and an 18th century painter, […]

“The Songs of Tunisia: A Collection of Poems by Taher Al-Bakri”

“aNasheed to Tunisia The Tunisian poet Taher Al-Bakri mentioned that “The Songs of Tunisia” is a book about Tunisia and its historical and geographical dimensions. He pointed out that this collection is an epic that contains sixty-one poems that recall everything that is at the heart of the personal and collective memory of this Mediterranean, […]

Top 10 Games to Play in May 2023 – From Age of Wonders to Gollum’s Adventure

Spring is here! Nature is waking up, everything outside is starting to bloom nicely (for allergy sufferers it stinks) and for us players the parties are starting when we won’t know what to play next. Will it be a complex 4X strategy, a vampire hunt, Link’s next adventure, running away from a monster or looking […]

The relationship of human geography with other sciences | Mix

Ammon – Human Geography It is the science that studies the relationship between humans and the earth from two aspects. The first relates to human interaction with nature, the environmental impact left by humans and their activities, and the effects of natural forces on society. The other aspect relates to the spatial organization of societies […]

Indonesia’s upcoming 2024 presidential election faces a threat from rising militant-extremist groups recruiting young people, with education of tolerance, diversity and peace crucial in fighting radicalism. Young people aged 17-40 will dominate the election, accounting for nearly 107 million voters. NGOs like Peace Generation Indonesia focus on bridging gaps between communities to prevent religious extremism from dividing society.

Indonesia, with the world’s largest Muslim population, faces a threat to the democratic integrity of the upcoming 2024 presidential elections. The country’s future depends on fostering a culture of peacefulness, respect for diversity, and tolerance through education. The 2024 election will be dominated by young people between the ages of 17 and 40, accounting for […]

Fayez Al-Maliki Leaves Filming Due to Emotional Response to Humanitarian Situation

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip from the “Omnia” program documented the crying of artist Fayez Al-Maliki, affected by a humanitarian situation. The video, which was shown by the “Saudi Arabia” channel, showed Fayez Al-Maliki talking to a citizen and her child, who suffers from sickle cell anemia. Al-Maliki began his conversation with the child, expressing […]

“Human Resources” announces vacancies for men and women… and reveals the required specializations and the method of application

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the availability of a number of contractual administrative positions to be filled by qualified national cadres for women and men. Job titles: – Director of the design of guarantee policies Human resources business partner – Director of Regulations and Regulations Department – Director of […]