In Finland, found an ancient sword in the backyard

A Bronze Age sword, broken into seven pieces, was discovered in the historic village of Panelia in southwestern Finland. Its age ranges from 2000 to 4000 years The historic find was found in the backyard. Photo: The sword was discovered in late July by Matti Rintamaan, who had bought his first metal detector just […]

Uritarra achieves in Florida the first victory in its history in Third

PORTUGALETE Larrabetzu’s team gives the bell and defeats a Portugalete who starts as one of the great favorites for the ascent Historic day for Uritarra. Larrabetzu’s team achieves the first victory in its history in Tercera RFEF, in this sixth league match. He did it in an incomparable setting. In La Florida, the bastion of […]

Do you know how the most downloaded game is in the decade of PS Plus history?

Thanks to the PlayStation Plus (PS +) subscription, not only can the playstation owner use online multiplayer, but they also get a few games for free. And most of them are not dn bka, but real game hits. Fall Guys are game variations on Takei’s Castle. This is also the significance of the Mediatonic studio, […]

Was it true that electricity was discovered by accident for the first time? – Electricity has now become a basic need for society. Many life-sustaining objects can function after being electrified. As reported on Friday (3/9/2021), according to scientists’ records, electricity was first discovered around 600 BC (BC) by a Greek scholar named Thales. Thales discovered electricity after observing amber which attracted light objects nearby when […]