Gazprom began pumping gas from storage facilities in Europe

Low UGS reserves pose risks for Gazprom as well The filling level of Gazprom’s storage facilities is very low. Catching up on the gap in 2021 is almost impossible. The largest underground gas storage facilities (UGS) of Russian Gazprom in Europe have begun to empty, and now their reserves are at a critically low level. […]

Gazprom starts pumping gas into underground storage facilities in Germany

Photo: Median.Az Gas reserves in UGSs Rehden and Jemgum are growing Currently in Germany as a whole, injection volumes exceed production volumes. UGS occupancy rates are increasing. The occupancy rate of underground gas storage facilities in Germany has been increasing for three days in a row. On Tuesday, November 9, the newspaper reports. Handelsblatt citing […]

Greece sets a new COVID anti-record –

A record number of people died from coronavirus in the country in a day The rate of coronavirus infection in Greece began to rise sharply on November 1. Over the previous day, 7335 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Greece. About this on Monday, November 8, it says in a report by the National […]

6 Benefits of Yoga at Night, Help Relieve Stress before Sleeping

yoga illustration. – When people think about yoga, most of them will probably think of challenging poses that get your heart pumping with a touch of sunlight. Yoga in the morning is good for your body. This exercise will get your blood pumping and relieve body stiffness from lying down all night. However, […]

HPV Vaccination Coverage in Jakarta Almost Reached 70 Percent – Head of Section for Non-Communicable Diseases, Mental Health and Drugs, DKI Health Service Jakarta, Endang Sri Wahyuningsih said the coverage of the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine immunization in Jakarta has almost reached 70 percent. Vaccine recipients in this percentage are in elementary school age (SD). Keep in mind the HPV vaccine is […]

Better view of the RS virus with new European project

The network will also monitor the effect of interventions that help to defend against the RS virus, such as future vaccinations. The network is part of a European research project: PROMISE. The official start of the project was on November 1, 2021. In the Netherlands, RIVM, Nivel and UMC Utrecht are involved as partners. Severe […]

Flu vaccination rate among people with indication increased again in 2020

Utrecht Over the past three years, the percentage of people with an indication who had been vaccinated against flu rose from 50% in 2017, to 53% in 2019, to 54% or 57% in 2020. The results are the result of the annual Vaccination Rate Monitor NPG ( National Program Influenza Prevention) of the Nivel, on […]