Are Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Facing Consequences under the Digital Services Act?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is designed to hold large tech companies in particular responsible for fighting misinformation and crime. But in order to achieve that, it would first have to be clearly defined who counts as a large company. For this purpose, the companies in question were asked to disclose their user numbers by […]

Irish Art and Rare Midleton Whiskey up for Auction.

Rare Midleton whiskey and Irish art are two things that hold a special place in the hearts of many people. Both of these items are sources of great pride for the Irish, and they have a long history that dates back centuries. Today, collectors and enthusiasts alike eagerly await the chance to get their hands […]

Companies fear cooperation with the Bundeswehr

Bundeswehr tanks Companies fear being rated worse because of the proximity between the Bundeswehr and the armaments industry. (Photo: dpa) Financial ratings are of great importance for the creditworthiness of companies. Evaluations of the sustainability of companies, so-called ESG ratings, go beyond the monetary dimension in their importance. They not only influence the (re-)financing costs […]

“Governance and sustainability” enhance the financial performance and competitiveness of companies

Hossam Abdel Nabi (Dubai) Sustainability experts and company CEOs unanimously agree that companies’ commitment to applying environmental, social and institutional governance practices is reflected in many benefits, the most important of which is driving revenue growth, strengthening the company’s brand, and increasing its ability to attract capital, while increasing the company’s sustainable growth opportunities. Governance […]

Companies demand courage in sustainable transformation

Frankfurt German insurers want to play an important role in the sustainable transformation of the economy. As institutional investors, they have recently made great efforts to make their investments more climate-neutral and to align them with ecological, social and ethical criteria (ESG). In the insurance business, on the other hand, brokers and companies still see […]

Santiago de Chile will host the fifth edition of the Desalination Latin America 2023 event

The company Vostock Capital Latin America organizes the Conference and Exhibition “Desalination Latin America 2023”which will be held on March 28 and 29 in Santiago de Chile. The event, which celebrates its fifth edition, focuses on the latest desalination industry achievements in the region and is dedicated to creating business connections, showcasing new investment projects […]

Goodyear to make wheels made from soy, good for the car, good for the planet

Polyester is an environmental problem.Importantly, and finding a way to recycle it to make the most of it. It’s a way to reduce the demand for new materials that are good for our world right now. Most of this recycled polyester is 100 million tonnes of textile waste that is sent to landfills each year. […]

A major role for UAE banks in financing sustainability

Hossam Abdel Nabi (Dubai) Banks and financial institutions in the UAE play a major role in supporting sustainability efforts and liberalizing the financing needed to adapt to climate change and implement the decarbonization agenda, according to bankers and experts in financial institutions. They assured Al-Ittihad that banks operating in the country have expanded in offering […]