BTV investigation: Why do thousands of Bulgarians take bleach instead of medicine?

Bleach as a universal medicine – sounds shocking, but thousands of Bulgarians believe in this statement. At least that’s what happened after the bTV investigation. Belief in the healing properties of bleach is spread in meetings, whose participants build a relationship as a brotherhood and join more and more believers that there is a universal […]

Mantle Cell Lymphoma Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – Mantle cell lymphoma is rare lymphoma is a type of cancer that starts in your white blood cells. Mantle cell lymphoma is considered non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This type of cancer is generally aggressive and difficult to diagnose until it eventually spreads throughout the body. Also read: 11 Symptoms of Lymphoma Cancer to Watch Out […]

Germany buys 1 million packs of paxlovid – COVID preparation of “Pfizer”

Kovid-19 PHOTO: Pixabay The German government has decided to purchase 1 million packs of paxlovid, a COVID drug developed by the US Pfizer campaign, DPA reported, citing Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. He says that the delivery of the first batches of paxlovid is expected next month, BTA clarifies. The drug is promising, as if taken […]

“Bulgarian Christmas” raised nearly BGN 2 million

The charity initiative of the head of state “Bulgarian Christmas” in support of children in need of emergency care and intensive care continues. The amount raised for the nineteenth edition of the campaign reached over BGN 2,455,000 after the end of the charity performance, which took place at the Ivan Vazov National Theater under the […]

Ancient Greek medicine halved mortality from COVID

A drug used to treat gout has the potential to reduce COVID-19 mortality by 50%, according to a new study cited by the Daily Mail. Colchicum is a plant-derived medicine that was first used by the ancient Greeks because of its special healing properties. It began to be widely used around the first century AD. […]

90% of patients who received plasma treatment recovered from covid-19 in Uruguay

Patients who received hyperimmune plasma treatment in Uruguay recovered from their covid-19 infection in 89.6% of cases, ASSE reported Monday. The survey, which collected data from 357 people, concluded that 320 of them managed to recover, while 30 died. The plasma transfusion treatment, released by the National Emergency System in early April, when Uruguay was […]

1719 cases of coronavirus, 108 less than yesterday, 77 died

1719 are the new cases of coronavirus in our country in the last 24 hours, the National Information Center announced. They are 108 less than yesterday. 80.63% of the cases for the day are not vaccinated. 494 people have been admitted to hospital for treatment in the last 24 hours. From them 84.01% have not […]

A study by the University of Navarra proposes new techniques for the treatment of lung cancer

An investigation of the university of Navarra, carried out by Dr. Carlos Huesa, has studied new techniques to evaluate the efficacy of radiotherapy in lung tumors. The work has been carried out by Dr. Carlos Huesa (M├ílaga, 27 years old) in his doctoral thesis on “Quantification of dosimetric uncertainties in pulmonary stereotactic body radiotherapy”. External […]