The doctor, declared a national hero, committed suicide

Dr. Giuseppe De Donno, who is adored in Italy for his huge heart and tireless battle against Covid-19, was found dead in his home. “I don’t want to believe it. We’re losing a handsome man, a great doctor who fought like a lion during Covid to save hundreds of lives, often against anything and everyone. […]

Covid: almost 1000 resuscitation patients in France – Last Hour

(ANSA) – PARIS, JUL 28 – Almost a thousand people affected by a severe form of covid-19 are being treated today in specialized departments in France, according to the health authorities, a figure that therefore attests a surge in infections. 992 patients are hospitalized today in intensive care, yesterday they were 978 and 859 a […]

Alternatives for growing fruits and vegetables without phytosanitary treatment

Market gardening | Published on 7/27/2021 2:49 PM The “Zero ph (f) yto F & L (G)” project aims to identify, validate and transmit to professionals the keys to produce fruits and vegetables without any spraying of plant protection products, thus creating a break from current practices. . Leuropean policy is evolving towards stricter and […]

Record mortality from COVID-19 in Russia for five weeks

Russia has a catastrophic situation with coronavirus, but quarantine is not introduced More than 482 thousand people are being treated for coronavirus in Russia. This is a new high since January 29th. In Russia, about 5,455 people died from the coronavirus COVID-19 over the past week. This is a new record since the beginning of […]

What is the treatment to preserve the eggs

The procedure for the preservation of oocytes is similar to that practiced for in vitro fertilization, except that instead of fertilizing the eggs obtained, they are stored in liquid nitrogen so that they are available when they are required. The first step is to carry out studies aimed at evaluating the woman’s ovarian reserve and […]

Sensational news related to the insidious cancer disease

If it turns out to be possible to diagnose cancer at an earlier stage with a blood test, this would be a great advance in the treatment of the disease. The United States has developed just such a test, but its reliability is not indisputable, writes “Deutsche Welle“. A blood test developed by GRAIL in […]

Mangarov with strange words about the Delta mutation, K-19 vaccines and …

The coronavirus delta mutation spreads faster and is more contagious, but clinically it does not differ from other previous variants of COVID-19 that we have encountered. This was announced by the infectious disease specialist Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov, quoted by TrafficNews. BLITZ recalls that the new modification is becoming more and more serious in our […]

AstraZeneca with urgent news about its K-19 vaccines

A single dose of AstraZeneca vaccine reduces the likelihood of hospitalization or death in patients with Beta and Gamma variants of the new coronavirus by 82%. This is clear from a statement from the manufacturer. Loud news about Pfizer and AstraZeneka vaccines against Delta strain The data are from a study conducted in Canada during […]

Popular antibiotic against COVID-19 turned out to be useless – scientists

Doctors should stop using azithromycin to fight COVID-19 Treating coronavirus infection with azithromycin doesn’t seem to make sense, says a new study. The antibiotic azithromycin, which is prescribed to patients with coronavirus, does not improve their condition. When treating COVID-19, it is better to completely abandon this drug until the bacteria get used to it, […]

Investigating other drugs that could serve as a treatment against the coronavirus

The application of vaccines against him coronavirus advances in the world and more and more people are immunized. However, infections continue to grow in some regions due to new SARS-CoV-2 variant del, some more contagious and harmful. The gravity of the disease depends in part on these variants and the immune response from each person. […]