Alert! The second deadliest infectious disease after COVID-19 is on the rise

Source: Channel News Asia | Editor: SS Kurniawan KONTAN.CO.ID – GENEVA. Tuberculosis or TB cases are rising again globally for the first time in a decade, following the disruption of access to health services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO said on Thursday (14 October). The setback has erased years of progress in tackling the […]

TB sufferers in Indonesia reach 4.2 million, 11,463 of whom are drug resistant

loading… JAKARTA – Other than Covid-19, tuberculosis or TBC is a disease that is very important to pay attention to. With inadequate handling, this disease that attacks the human respiratory system can spread quickly. Deputy Minister of Health, dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono revealed, promotion and prevention of 260 million Indonesians towards health without tuberculosis is […]

TB is a Lung Disease, Know the Causes, Risks, Symptoms, and How to Prevent

According to the WHO, people with active TB can infect 10 to 15 people through close contact per year if they don’t take precautions. TB is a disease that can be prevented through vaccines and the application of a healthy lifestyle. Most people in high-risk areas around the world should receive TB vaccinations as children. […]

The Covid-19 Pandemic Hinders Tuberculosis Control in Indonesia – Control tuberculosis (TBC) in Indonesia is currently experiencing challenges, due to pandemic Covid-19 which is endless. Indonesia as one of the countries with the highest TB burden in the world, really feels how TB control is hampered due to hospitals and health facilities filled with Covid-19 patients. “So during this pandemic, it seems […]

Yogyakarta City Government Intensify Tuberculosis Examination, JOGJA – The City Government (Pemkot) of Jogja is increasing efforts to track and check in a number of areas for residents suffering from tuberculosis (TB). Of the three ministry of education carried out in the early stages, it was found that at least 66 residents had the disease. Deputy Mayor of Jogja, Heroe […]

Fewer TB Cases Recorded by the Indonesian Ministry of Health than the Real Number?

In the same statement, the Director of Prevention and Control of Directly Infectious Diseases, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, M.Epid, conveyed the government’s commitment. According to him, the government is committed to maintaining the continuity of efforts to eliminate TB and TB RO during the COVID-19 pandemic. To realize the TB […]

Don’t just Covid-19, beware of TB which is just as deadly

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The World Health Organization (WHO) recorded as many as 1.4 million people died of tuberculosis or TBC in 2019. Worldwide, this disease is one of the top 10 causes of death and the leading cause of single infectious agent above HIV/AIDS. “Let’s work hand in hand to overcome two diseases whose transmission […]

Not only Covid-19, TB is also dangerous if not treated

WHO noted, as many as 1.4 million people died from TB in 2019. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Disease tuberculosis or TBC is considered as dangerous as Covid-19, it can even be deadly if not treated completely. The two health problems that occur in Indonesia also have similar modes of transmission, namely from coughing or sneezing of […]

School Age Children are at High Risk for TB

TB transmission can occur when children interact with other people at school. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Acting Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, stated that school-age children are a group at high risk of contracting tuberculosis (TB). Disease TBC caused by infection Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria can […]