Corona vaccine tips from Transoflex R + V insured

Transoflex gives tips on how corona vaccines can be distributed safely and quickly throughout Germany. R + V insured. 23.11.2020 Ilona youngest In the fight against the pandemic, the world has high hopes for the effect of the vaccines – according to the logistics service provider Transoflex from Weinstadt, it is also important how quickly […]

Corona demos across the country – police in constant use

At the weekend there were again demonstrations against the federal government’s corona policy – like here in Berlin. imago images/Christian Grube Start your free trial month now! Complete the free trial month now to read this article. All other content on our website and in the “noz News” app will then also be available to […]

COVID measures in the Czech Republic What are the current government measures?

Second state of emergency declared on 5 October 2020 continues to apply and since then the government has been gradually tightens up the measures in the fight against coronavirus. Most measures apply until the end of the emergency, which the cabinet extended on Friday, November 20, after the approval of the Chamber of Deputies, until […]

Sylvie Lubamba also comes in support

The protest of Yuri, owner of the Dorian Gray gym by Maser, does not stop. After coming to the attention of the national media, having been a guest of Paolo Del Debbio at ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ and Alessio Viola at ‘Every Morning’ for his idea of ​​continuing to carry out his activity in the parking […]

The Corona Vaccine Is Almost Available, Who Is The First To Get It? All pages – Two vaccine development pharmaceutical companies corona virus Moderna and Pfizer announced effectiveness levels vaccine they are about 95 percent. These results set new hopes for an end to the viral pandemic corona stronger. Apart from the level of effectiveness the vaccine protects from Covid-19, the discussion is now beginning to shift to who […]

Restrictions on leisure due to COVID by autonomous communities

As the limitations that are being implemented due to the COVID-19 are varying our plans quite frequently, we have tried to lay out here very simply and schematically some recreational activities that are allowed or not according to the autonomous community from Spain where you are. Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions, Schedule and other measures […]

Controversy in NY over school closings and bars opening

UNITED STATES. It is necessary close the schools of New York to face a second wave of the coronavirus? As the positive test rate in schools is miniscule and gyms, bars and restaurants remain open, the decision infuriates thousands of parents who demand their reopening immediate. The biggest american city, which hosts 1.1 million students […]