New York Health Director tests positive for covid-19

New York, Feb 3 (EFE) .- New York City Health Director Dave Chokshi tested positive for COVID-19 as the city appears to recover from the spike in infections that followed the Christmas holidays. “In New York City and across the country, covid continues to circulate in our communities and all of us are potentially exposed […]

The fear of using health care due to Covid will reduce survival against cancer

The earlier detection in cancer, the longer the survival. And conversely, the opposite: the delay in the diagnosis implies a worse prognosis and more possibilities of dying. From the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) It is warned that the pandemic will cause collateral damage in the medium and long term: a decline in survival rates. […]

Covid, training in the closed gym: fine of 400 euros in Monopoli for owner and client

They trained anyway, despite the fact that the facility had to be closed due to the government’s anti-Covid provisions. The owner and a client of a gym in Monopoli were thus fined by the carabinieri. The “clandestine” training was reported to the police by some neighbors. The client was training without using the mask, among […]

Gym open despite the prohibitions: even customers fined

The owner of the GimFive gym in San Giovanni in Persiceto, already a member of the “Io Apro” protest initiative, and with him five patrons who were doing sporting activities, were sanctioned. Yesterday afternoon the penalty of 400 euros was taken for everyone, while for the owner the accessory penalty for closing the gym for […]

The new strain of COVID-19 mutated “Mo Yong” has evaded immunity from vaccines.

The new strain of COVID-19 mutated “Mo Yong” has evaded immunity from vaccines. Resulting in a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine News reports state that Dr. Yongphu Worawan, MD. (Doctor YongHead of Center of Specialization in Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Has posted on facebook (Yong Poovorawan) Under […]

Timeline of COVID-19 deaths, 75-year-old woman, shows symptoms 3 days before death

From the case of the Situation Management CenterCOVID-19 or CHC reported that the situation of the coronavirus infection epidemic 2019 (COVID-19) or COVID-19 In Thailand today (February 2), 836 new cases of infection have been found, 20,454 cumulative confirmed cases, 13,217 cases are still being treated in the hospital, 7,158 additional deaths, 2 additional deaths, […]

Facing COVID, online shows and books at home in La Rioja

Given the current circumstances motivated by the Covid, the Government of La Rioja and the City of Logroño have decided to launch two joint cultural initiatives with a Riojan bill: ‘Culture without Pause’ and ‘Round-trip books’. The first proposes twelve theater, dance and music shows, which will be held in a false live and will […]

“They said they needed room for Covid cases”

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 12:35 p.m. Through Anne-Camille Chapel The children of a 58-year-old Thudinienne are unhappy: while their mother was in pain, the latter was sent home after going to the emergency room of the Saint-Joseph clinic in Lobbes. The reason given? “We must keep space for Covid cases”. Muriel, a […]