The British, divided five years after voting on ‘Brexit’

Protesters take part in a ‘Brexit’ protest in Dublin to demand an increase in fishing quotas in Irish waters. / Reuters 80% would hold the same election today as in the 2016 referendum, although the result would incline slightly in favor of remaining in the EU Champagne and tears ran almost equally in the UK […]

The Observatory for Children’s Education and Health

MONTREAL, June 14, 2021 – How to minimize the consequences of the pandemic on current and future generations? This is a question that will be answered by an ambitious research project carried out at CHU Sainte-Justine and at the University of Montreal under the leadership of the professor. Sylvana Cote. With major funding of $ […]

Get to know these five books in which his story was set in Castellón

Discover these five books that its history passed in Castellón. Carolina and the brave, Penelope’s rebellion O The girl you didn’t know how to love. Surely very few people from Castellón will be struck by these titles, but are books in which its history had the province of Castellón as the epicenter. Murders, love stories, […]

Rolex, five letters that represent luxury, resistance, prestige and precision

It has for years adorned the dolls of celebrities from the world of arts, sports, prominent business people and those who know how to appreciate the best. The brand has become a symbol of success, which makes it perfect for gifts in special moments, having great value, both material and sentimental. Many of these watches […]

Five life sentences for crime Russian ambassador

(ANSA) – ANKARA, MAR 10 – A Turkish court sentenced 5 suspects to life imprisonment in connection with the murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, Andrei Karlov, which occurred in the Turkish capital in December 2016 Another 7 suspects were sentenced to lesser sentences for terrorist association, while 6 defendants were acquitted The condemned […]

Bankinter reduces its provisions for multi-currency after five years of rise

Bankinter has stepped on the brakes with provisions due to controversies multi-currency mortgages. The financial entity that heads Maria Dolores Dancausa closed the financial year 2020 with a reduction in the net provisions for these lawsuits after several years of increases derived from pending court decisions and the entity’s level of exposure to this product. […]