Modern living room | Equipment, design and inspiration

He needs you living room revive it a bit, do you want to give it a new twist or adapt it to what the family needs right now? A few new cabinets, a different carpet or setting aside one corner as a relaxation zone is enough. Experts will advise you on how to achieve a […]

Man Who Killed Father Arrested in Manhattan – NBC New York (47)

NEW YORK – A suspect who allegedly shot a father to death inside a Manhattan warehouse while his daughter stood by has been arrested, police say. Joseph Morros, 27, was charged with murder and possession of a weapon in the December 15 shooting at the 144 Gastronomy in Nagle Ave in Inwood, said the woman […]

Woman hit by car on the sidewalk in Manhattan – NBC New York

NEW YORK – The New York City Police Department is on the hunt for a suspected driver who allegedly jumped a sidewalk and hit a 30-year-old woman in Manhattan on Monday. The incident took place in the Inwood section of the county, off 421 West 202nd Street. The unidentified man was driving a black Mercedes […]

Crisis in construction. There is nothing and everything is extremely expensive

Rising prices for building materials are not the only problem facing construction companies. Due to the current energy situation and the conflict in Ukraine, some commodities such as steel or wood are scarce in the market. This follows from a survey among construction companies. According to today’s data from the Czech Statistical Office (CSO), materials […]

Less particulate matter when heating with wood, Technology License Office (TLB) of Baden-Württembergische Hochschulen GmbH, press release

Heating with wood is still trendy in Germany. Rising energy prices and dependency on international markets make the renewable raw material even more attractive. In addition, the natural heating medium comes from local forests, is readily available and burns CO2-neutrally. Many consider heating with wood to be clean. However, when wood is burned in stoves […]

More wood in WhatsApp: improvements in privacy and more emojis arrive | Lifestyle

New options have been known that are going to reach the messaging application WhatsApp. And the truth is that they are quite interesting, since they allow us to improve the privacy options that are used and, also, increase the options available when it comes to sharing emojis. All these news are already active in the […]

German scientists have found a way to clean the planet with wood

Photo: birch drooping – – The root system of a particular tree absorbed 5 to 17 percent of microparticles in five months. German scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries have discovered a way to clean the soil of microplastics using birch trees. This is mentioned on website institutions. It is […]