Experience ‘LUX: Digital Art Installations Transform La Térmica’ – Opening Tomorrow!

Light, sound and movement. Installations that challenge the conventional limits of art and that take the viewer on a unique sensory journey.” This is what ‘LUX pursues. Digital art experiences’, as reported by the director of the contemporary culture center La Térmica de la Diputación, Antonio Javier López. A project that emerged last year for … Read more

Summer Camps and Activities: From ‘Mini-Hollywood’ to Don Bosco Center

Summer Camps and Activities: From ‘Mini-Hollywood’ to Don Bosco Center

Monday, July 17, 2023, 00:19 comment copy link WhatsApp Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Telegram Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Bud Spencer, Claudia Cardinale, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Sigourney Weaver… They are stars of the seventh art who walked a few decades ago through the Tabernas desert in Almeria, the only one in all of Europe. … Read more

“Cristóbal Soler leads music and dance teacher training for Diputación de Cáceres”

Home / Culture / Cristóbal Soler gives a course to the music and dance teachers of the Diputación de Cáceres It will be at the García Matos de Plasencia Professional Conservatory of Music and is part of the Training Plan of the Provincial Institution. 23 mayo 2023 | Posted : 13:05 (05/23/2023) | Updated: 16:41 … Read more

Castellón Provincial Council Offers 123,966 Euros for Actor or Actress to Promote Province on Social Media

The Castellón Provincial Council intends to hire an actor or actress to promote the province of Castellón on social networks. The budget for this task is 150,000 euros, from which 21% VAT must be subtracted, so the protagonist of the campaign would pocket the not inconsiderable figure of 123,966 euros. Remember that last year the … Read more

The Diputación and Globalcaja sign a credit operation that guarantees liquidity to the municipalities of Albacete in 2023 – Albacete News

The president of the Provincial Council of Albacete, Santi Cabañero, and the general manager of Globalcaja, Pedro Palacios, have signed an important credit policy with which, as they have been doing for several years, the respective entities will continue to ensure also in 2023 that the municipalities of the province have sufficient liquidity to take … Read more

The Diputación takes the cinema to the towns in the face of the non-existence of…

The program ‘Cinema in the village’ continues its journey through the province of Huelva. Lucena del Puerto, today, Alájar tomorrow and El Almendro next Friday will host the big screen of this initiative, with which Huelva Provincial Council brings recently released films to municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants to enjoy outdoors. Attendees to the … Read more

The popular Inmaculada Toledano and the socialist Carlos Mangas miss the plenary session of the Provincial Council due to coronavirus

22.12.2021 Tribune of Valladolid | @tribunava – These casualties have been added to that of the Cs deputy Nuria Duque, removed from her duties since she announced in September that she suffered from breast cancer. – The Valladolid Provincial Council held its ordinary plenary session for the month of December this Wednesday with the absence … Read more

The Malaga Provincial Council collaborates once again with the ASAMMA association to promote the prevention of breast cancer through a solidarity calendar – Social Affairs

The deputy of the Delegation of the Elderly, Third Sector and International Cooperation, Francisco Jos Martn Moreno, and the representative of the Association of Women Operated for Breast Cancer (ASAMMA), Francisca Aguilar Gmez, have presented this morning the solidarity calendar 2022 of the association. The 600 units, financed by the Provincial Council, and published by … Read more

Book the storm, andrés morris, ISBN 4096177. Buy at Buscalibre

—–—– Share Choose the list in which you want to add your product or create one new list ✓ Product added correctly to wish list. See the lists in detail-—- Origin Spain (Import costs included in the price) It will be sent from our warehouse between Monday 06 September and the Monday, September 20. You … Read more

The Provincial Council and Paideia collaborate in an entrepreneurship project in ‘marketing’

The president of the Provincial Council, Valentín González Formoso, and the president of the Paideia Foundation, Sandra Ortega, signed an agreement for the development of the Marketing Dixital, Empregabilidade e Cooperativismo project, to promote employment and entrepreneurship in the digital marketing sector, and in which the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) will collaborate. The project … Read more