Reasons for slow home Wi-Fi :: Al-Anbat

Nabataeans – If you are facing the problem of slow home Wi-Fi, you must first research the possible causes of this problem to determine the appropriate solution method. Below we will mention 5 reasons that may lead to a slow home Wi-Fi network, and appropriate ways to solve this problem, depending on the cause: 1- […]

Western countries warn of possible attacks in Turkey after burning copies of the Qur’an

Posted in: 28/01/2023 – 03:25Last updated: 28/01/2023 – 03:41 Western countries warned their citizens on Friday of attacks in Turkey against the backdrop of burning copies of the Koran in front of the Ankara embassies in Denmark and Sweden. Countries including France, Germany and the United States said they fear possible terrorist attacks targeting places […]

How can Russia effortlessly thwart Sweden’s entry into NATO? Just light the Koran

Danish anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm. He did so on the same day that a pro-Kurdish demonstration was also held in the capital. Respect for Islam and the extradition of dozens of political opponents who sympathize with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Turkey demands from […]

Screaming and groaning .. Actress Yousra in the most violent and violent scene leaked from Adel Imam’s hot movie, which caused Yousra to bleed and cry and the director’s anger .. Watch the video before deletion

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Yousra, in her performance and spontaneity, rose to the throne of the most righteous of the great Egyptian actors and artists. All her films were with the heroes of Egyptian art and cinema, such as the artist Adel Emam, and perhaps she is more. Which she presents without objection, which […]

How to transfer a video from iPhone to computer

Many people want to transfer the videos they shoot on their mobile phone to their computer to make appropriate adjustments and then publish them on various social networking sites. But how do you transfer a video from an iPhone to a computer? How to transfer a video from an iPhone to a computer using Microsoft […]

Eternal grave rest: a wish of Muslims, but not eternal in practice | Interior

In Arnhem opened last week a large Muslim cemetery. Unlike most other Dutch cemeteries, people here receive ‘eternal rest’, as prescribed by Islam. But is ‘eternal’ really forever in practice, readers wondered. Not abroad, according to a tour. In Muslim countries Turkey and Morocco, for example, the graves are not left alone forever. “Niemand […]

Details of the “burning of the Qur’an” incident in a demonstration near the Turkish embassy.. A Stockholm police spokesman explains to CNN

(CNN) Turkey on Saturday canceled Swedish Defense Minister Pal Johnson’s visit to the country in response to “the Stockholm police’s agreement to allow the burning of the Qur’an” during a planned protest in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, according to the Turkish Anadolu news agency. Stockholm police spokesman Ola Osterling told CNN that a far-right Danish […]

How to use your phone to find hidden cameras

Tell me – Many hotel guests are concerned that their rooms may have hidden cameras to spy on them, and fortunately, a smartphone can be used to detect these cameras. If a camera wants to capture motion or take pictures in low-light or dark rooms, it usually uses infrared (IR) light, which the human eye […]

Are there other planets suitable for life?.. Space scientists answer:: The Nabataeans

Nabataeans – Two experts in space sciences, one American and the other Egyptian, agreed during their interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the discovery of a planet similar to Earth paves the way and brings the distance closer to reaching other planets suitable for human life.. And Thursday, it was announced that the “James Webb” […]