Taliban banning sports for women

Women in Afghanistan are very fond of playing cricket. Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow women to play cricket or engage in any sport where their faces and figures are visible, a Taliban spokesman said. Women in Afghanistan, including female athletes from national teams, will not be able to play sports. This was […]

Is Leveraging Shares Buying Haram? (Economy and finance, Islam, trade)

I want to invest 40% in stocks, 20% in real estate, 20% in cash and 20% in precious metals. Shares – price fluctuations, crashes, uncertainties due to corona, bankruptcies, nationalization, expropriation, etc. (e.g. MSCI World, MSCI Emerging Markets) Real estate – historically highly valued compared to stocks, indirect investment via open real estate funds (high […]

Sharia law. What is the Taliban’s plan in Afghanistan

Radicals are trying to change their image and gain recognition from their government. But their promises so far are at odds with their actions. Return to power in Afghanistan The Taliban terrorist organization has drawn a line under the international project of rebuilding the most backward and conflict-ridden state in the region. Now Afghanistan is […]

Taliban will declare Afghanistan an Islamic emirate

Taliban take full control of Afghanistan The radical movement plans to gain full control over the power in Afghanistan, there will be no transitional period. Representatives of the radical Taliban are planning to declare Afghanistan an Islamic emirate, APnews reported. The militants will declare Afghanistan an Islamic emirate after they seize the presidential palace, a […]

9.7 million unemployed, double the government’s figures

An independent study by DİSK-AR disavows the “understated” report from the TurkStat agency. Among women, unemployment is around 33.7%; for men it is 23.9%. Worse still in young people: 42.4% cannot find a job. Ankara considers unemployed only those who are “active” in the search for work. Istanbul (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Real unemployment is […]

Threatening French girl insulting Islam and the Koran, 11 people convicted

loading… PARIS – A French court convicted 11 of 13 people charged with harassing and threatening a teenage girl who insulted Islam and the holy Koran. The 18-year-old girl who claims to be an atheist spit out insulting words through a barrage posting on social media. The girl, identified only by her short name Mila, […]