With the dollar on the rise, this is Bank of America forecast for Argentina

A new report from the entity focuses on growth and assesses the impact of a possible agreement with the International Monetary Fund The Argentine economy will close this year with an increase of 7,3% and inflation will be above the 50%, as predicted by the Bank of America, which in turn estimated that the Government […]

Davide Morosinotto’s children’s novel “The Mississippi Gang”

An aboard the Louisiana Story, about halfway from New Orleans to Saint Louis, a sailor calls out, “Mark Twain”. He’s sure to like adventure novels, thinks Eddie, the most fearful and well-read of the four protagonists in Davide Morosinotto’s novel The Mississippi Gang. Maybe that has something to do with them. “Pff”, replies his friend […]

Close of trading in New York with slight losses – dpa

New York (dpa) – The US stock exchanges increased their losses suffered at the beginning of the week on Tuesday. Just before the start of corporate reporting season, investors shied away from risk. In the coming days, major banks in particular will present fresh quarterly figures. After a mixed start, the leading index Dow Jones […]

Really good! Traveling to this country doesn’t need dollars, it can be in rupiah

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank Indonesia (BI) continues to strive so that the rupiah can be used in many countries by cooperating with a number of central banks of other countries. This effort continues to be carried out so that the QR Indonesia Standard (QRIS) can be used for cross-border transactions. The collaboration began with […]

Upper East Side: The luxury females of New York – style

AWhen the American journalist Wendy Martin moved with her investment banker husband and their young son from the centrally located West Village to New York’s Upper East Side under the impression of September 11, 2001, the young mother first did what every newcomer does in every new one Neighborhood would do: She tries to make […]

Breakdowns and damage increase

So the buyers hadn’t thought that: The super slim residential tower 432 Park Avenue should have the image of the ultimate luxury property, shine as the tallest residential building in the world and the investment should prove to be lucrative. After all, the estimated sales value was a good $ 3 billion. But the skyscraper […]

Czech bpd partners is looking forward to the 100 million exit

BT Ventures, in which businessmen Vasil Bobela, Petr Pudil and Jan Dobrovský are involved through bpd partners, joined Ginkgo Bioworks in 2017 with an investment of $ 1.75 million (according to the exchange rate at the time, about 40 million crowns). Since then, the value of the company has continued to grow. In just two […]