Two airlines were interested in flying to Skopje

The government is trying to make up for 30 lost years in relations with northern Macedonia, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told his ministers yesterday. PHOTO: Yordan Simeonov However, there is no request for the line that should work up to 60 days Two airlines are interested in a regular flight Sofia – Skopje, but in […]

A new species of bird was discovered near Burgas

Long-beaked (bering) vertebrates documented on 15.12.2021 on the shores of Lake Atanasovsko A new bird species for Bulgaria – the long-beaked dragonfly – was discovered in Atanasovsko Lake during regular bird monitoring. This was announced by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BSE) today. Atanasovsko Lake is a Natura 2000 area with 333 species of birds, for […]

Turkey’s central bank cuts rates amid record lira drop

Photo: Anadolu Central Bank of Turkey decides to cut interest rate at weekly repo auctions After the announcement of the rate cut, the lira has renewed another record – 15.60 lira per $ 1, although it was trading at 15.21 this morning. The central bank of Turkey has cut its key rate from 15% to […]

Kaminskaya intrigued fans with hugs with ex-spouse

Photo: Slava Kaminskaya Ex-soloist NeAngelov once again appeared in the company of her ex-spouse and father of her children. Ukrainian singer Slava Kaminska surprised fans with a warm relationship with her ex-husband, plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. In Instagram, the star posted their joint “gentle” photos. Kaminskaya appeared in the arms of Edgar. She also […]

Vladislav Panev: There will be a regular office for up to two weeks

Vladislav Panev “There will be a regular cabinet within the next two weeks. There is unanimity on many issues. The focus in the coming days will be on the structure of the government. Then the A team must become clear. “ Vladislav Panev from Democratic Bulgaria said this on the NovaNews show “Offensive” minutes after […]

The Moon’s Surface Has Enough Oxygen for Billions of Living People – All Pages

NASA Buzz Aldrin carries a reflector on the Moon’s surface.—The biggest question in exploration Month and other planets in outer space is whether there exist oxygen enough for humans to breathe? Month it actually has an atmosphere, but it’s very thin and made up mostly of hydrogen, neon, and argon. This is not the […]

Counterfeit currency traders detained in Kiev

Photo: National Police A group of counterfeiters detained in Kiev The defendants were detained in Kiev after the sale of another batch of currency with signs of counterfeiting in the amount of two thousand US dollars. The police have exposed a cross-regional group of counterfeit currency traders. About it informs Police communication department of Zhytomyr […]

The concentration of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in six months is reduced by 10 times

Photo: This indicates the need for revaccination. This once again confirms the need for revaccination, which is especially needed by vulnerable segments of the population. Israeli researchers found that the typical concentration of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 falls six months after vaccination. Moreover, about ten times. This is stated on the site medRxiv. Thus, the […]