Israel launches airstrikes in southern Syria, targets Hezbollah

loading… DAMASCUS – Preliminary reports state the Defense Forces attack Israel (IDF) hit three Hezbollah-linked targets in Syria, near the border between the two countries. Syrian authorities said the Israeli military attacked the southern region of the country on Monday morning (10/25/2021). “Israeli forces this morning demonstrated another aggression in the southern region. This happened […]

US announces killing Abdul Hamid al-Matar, an al-Qaeda leader in Syria

Published on : 23/10/2021 – 06:30 A US drone strike killed top al-Qaeda leader Abdul Hamid al-Matar in northwestern Syria on Friday, a spokesperson for the US military central command said. The US military announced on Friday, October 22, that it had killed an al-Qaeda leader in a drone strike in Syria, two days after […]

US Drone Attack Kills Senior Al-Qaeda Leader in Syria

loading… WASHINGTON – Central Command United States of America (USA), CENTCOM, said that their air strike had killed a senior commander al-Qaeda in Suluk, in northern Raqqa province Syria . “A US air strike today in northwest Syria killed senior al-Qaeda leader Abdul Hamid al-Matar. We have no indication of civilian casualties as a result […]

In Syria, the US military base came under fire

Photo: US Army base in Syria shelled There are no casualties among the US military. The amount of material damage is established. In the Syrian border town of Al-Tanf, on Wednesday, October 20, a US military base was fired at by drones. informed TV channel CNN citing a source in the Pentagon. It is […]

Missiles hit US military base in Syria

loading… DAMASCUS – Military base United States of America (USA) in Al-Tanf, southern Homs province Syria , was reportedly attacked by missile or drone . There were no casualties in the attack and US Central Command blamed Iran-backed militias for the attack. Reports of the attack surfaced online around 10 p.m. local time on Wednesday. […]

Turkey Prepares Military Action to Liberate Syrian Kurdish Militia

loading… ANKARA – Turkey is preparing for possible further military action against the militia Kurdish supported United States of America (USA) in northern Syria. The move will be taken if talks on the issue with the US and Russia fail. Earlier, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara was determined to eliminate the threat emanating […]

Israel Bombards Syria, 1 Assad Regime Soldier Killed

loading… DAMASCUS – Israel , through air strikes, bombarded the Palmyra region, Syria , on Wednesday (13/10/2021) night. One soldier of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad’s government was killed and three pro-Iranian militiamen were injured. Syrian state news agency, TO YOU, citing military sources, reported that the attack took place in the vicinity of […]

Syria Angry with Israel More Settlements in Golan Heights

loading… DAMASCUS – Syria condemned Israel’s decision to increase the number of Israeli settlers in parts of the Golan Heights. The Syrian state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Monday (10/11/2021), citing an official source at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. According to SANA, a source at the Syrian Foreign Ministry […]

Erdogan signals Turkey is ready to launch new military operation in Syria

Ankara – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signaled that Turkey was preparing to launch a new military operation into Syria. Erdoan’s plan began after his troops were attacked by Kurdish insurgents who were backed by United States of America. Erdogan’s comments follow a car bombing Monday in the northern Syrian city of Afrin, which killed […]