The villains are not the older women, but the media that fatten them

“The brawl of the year.” “Fight of reigns”. “Petty.” “Sow”. “Douchebag”. Negative testimonials from former employees, former friends, former colleagues, former partners, former hairdressers, former makeup artists and former lovers. Opinions for and against on the part of the collaborators and collaborators. Looping inflammatory videos and statements. Questions to relatives. Archival images of fights from […]

Thank you for the love and prayers given to her: Divya Unni

“Everyone wants our baby to be blessed on his birthday” Divya Unni is one of the most sought after heroines in Malayalam cinema along with Manju Warrier in the nineties. Although she is away from acting, Divya’s artistic career is active with dance shows and more. Last January, an angel baby came into Divya’s life. […]

Stress and fatigue at the start of the year: foods to favor to get better

Cold season, declining light and heavy health conditions … The year 2021 has just started but you are already feeling exhausted. Here’s what you should put on your plate to regain energy and get better. The days are busy, the cold has set in, night falls early, the news on the health front is not […]

Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar. The young woman’s Facebook account mysteriously went

New twist in the investigation into the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar. The account Facebook nurse briefly activated on Wednesday evening, nearly a month after her disappearance around Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn). An empty message was published before being deleted, reveal our colleagues from BFMTV. An unidentified person logged into his profile, posted an empty message on a […]

Dyes for brunettes that will take years off your back in 2021

Dyes for brunettes that will take years off your back in 2021 | Pexels Brown and blonde dyes are history, because what is now fashionable in the field of beauty is to do a masterful combination of light and dark tones to take several years off and give a special glow to the skin with […]

7 simple tricks to save more money in 2021

The corona crisis hit many people hard. Health – and economical. Short-time work, shop closings and downsizing have an impact on their own finances. What to do when the budget becomes tight Check fixed costs, shop consciously and much more. With these tips you can save money in 2021 Our savings tips also help to […]

In Brazil, a giant vulva sculpture installed on a hill

It took eleven months of work to achieve it: a vulva 33 meters long, 16 meters wide made up of an excavation six meters deep. This gigantic sculpture, named Diva, by visual artist Juliana Notari was installed in Brazil at the end of last week in the artistic and botanical park Usina de Arte, in […]

Unemployed in Offenbach: But not without a chance

ÜFor many years the single mother was unable to get a job. But since March she has been working in outpatient care and looking after people in need in their home environment. She now has a permanent contract. The woman, who prefers not to have her name mentioned in the media, made the big step […]