End of “discrimination”: Facebook and Instagram should now show nipples

Over a decade into the Free the Nipple campaign, Meta’s independent oversight body has ruled that the platform’s strict rules against women’s nipples are interfering with freedom of expression on Facebook and Instagram. The board, which includes academics, legal experts and lawyers and advises the company on its content moderation policies, said the ban hinders […]

This is why women are more likely to suffer from migraines

A throbbing pain – usually on one side of the head – that gets worse and worse until you feel like your head is about to explode. Light and noise become intolerable and you can become very nauseous with vomiting as a result. We are talking about migraine: a (chronic) brain disease that can cause […]

How to use your phone to find hidden cameras

Tell me – Many hotel guests are concerned that their rooms may have hidden cameras to spy on them, and fortunately, a smartphone can be used to detect these cameras. If a camera wants to capture motion or take pictures in low-light or dark rooms, it usually uses infrared (IR) light, which the human eye […]

Are there other planets suitable for life?.. Space scientists answer:: The Nabataeans

Nabataeans – Two experts in space sciences, one American and the other Egyptian, agreed during their interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the discovery of a planet similar to Earth paves the way and brings the distance closer to reaching other planets suitable for human life.. And Thursday, it was announced that the “James Webb” […]

5 Effective prevention of cervical cancer, understand before it’s too late

www.merdeka.com – Prevention of cervical cancer every woman must know. Cervical cancer occurs when cancer cells attack the cervix or the lower part of the uterus which is connected to the vagina. The virus that triggers this disease can survive for years and contributes to the formation of cancer cells in the body. No cause […]

Fight hard to pass the level, pointing to the eight crowns!Shandong Taishan advances to the FA Cup final and will compete with Zhejiang-Sport-Shunwang team News

Song Long’s goal helps Shandong Taishan break the deadlock Xinhua News Agency To many people’s surprise, the 2022 Chinese Football Association Cup Final is not another duel between Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Seaport. In the afternoon of January 11, Shandong Taishan defeated Shanghai Shenhua 2-0 and advanced to the FA Cup final first. In the […]

Al-Hara Jordanian film… controversial swear words!

Tell me – The Jordanian film Al-Hara, the Circle, set in a neighborhood dominated by gossip and violence east of the capital Amman, has caused a lot of controversy because it contains obscene words. Social media platforms were buzzing with discussions about the film’s content and the message to be conveyed by it, between a […]