This is the latest news on Hanung Bramantyo’s condition, please pray for it – Director Hanung Bramantyo open voice about the illness he suffered for the past four years. He has done various ways to recover from a pinched nerve disease, such as therapy, alternative massage, to exercise. In fact, recently undergoing pinched nerve surgery. READ ALSO: Hanung Bramantyo Makes Nikita Mirzani Cry, Nyai: Really Got It […]

Get to know the condition of a dead computer sound card and a damaged sound card port – In this review, presented recognize condition sound card computer which dead and port sound cards that have been damaged. Reported from the book REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE of PC & LAPTOP by Abdul Rohman, see the review. Condition sound card onboard yang dead, usually caused by an electrical short circuit and has the […]

David Sasoli also had blood cancer and a bone marrow transplant

David Sasoli died at the age of 65. PHOTO: FACEBOOK Former President of the European Parliament David Sasoli, who died on January 11, has suffered from myeloma, a blood cancer, for 10 years. That is why on December 26 he was admitted to the Aviano Oncology Center, Corriere della Sera reported. The former journalist’s health […]

Argentina has a team for the Copa América wheelchair rugby

After different national concentrations, coach Emmannuel Leguizamón confirmed the roster of the 12 players who will represent Argentina in the Copa América wheelchair rugby to be held in Medellín, Colombia, starting on March 27. Those summoned are Juan Cruz Bandini (Los Toros – Rosario), Mariano Gastaldi (Los Dogos – Córdoba), Lautaro Fernández (Los Caranchos – […]

Vitamin K Function in Babies, Helps Prevent Rare Bleeding Conditions

Baby illustration. ©Pixabay – Vitamin K refers to a group of fat -soluble vitamins and plays a role in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels. Body needs vitamin K to produce prothrombin, a protein and clotting factor that is important in blood clotting and bone metabolism. Deficiency of this vitamin is […]

See who are the ten biggest losing billionaires in 2021.

The Chinese entrepreneur, founder of online giant Alibaba, Jack Ma, is the second longest-serving billionaire of the year. PHOTO: Reuters 2021 was quite a dramatic year for the richest people in the world. A total of 2,660 billionaires around the world have added a total of $ 1.6 trillion to their fortunes between January and […]

The millionaire Panev – a green expert on spending pensioners’ money

Vladislav Panev The MP systematically talks about inequalities, but has an impressive property status MAlthough Vladislav Panev is one of the few politicians who systematically raises the issue of inequality, his words contrast with the declaration submitted in 2020 in KPKONPI, while he is still a municipal councilor. It is clear from it that Panev […]

Huge queues formed on the border with Poland

Photo: frame from video There is a long queue at the border with Poland To enter Poland, now, in addition to the vaccination certificate, a fresh test is required. The condition was introduced for non-EU countries. Poland has tightened the rules for entering the country since December 15, huge queues of cars have formed at […]

The number of victims of the explosion in Haiti has risen to 75 people

The victims of the explosion were placed in several hospitals There are 48 people in hospitals. Of these, 21 patients are in serious condition – more than 60% of body burns. Another 15 people died in Haitian hospitals after the explosion of a fuel tanker in the northern city of Cap Haitien. The total number […]