Zelensky announced the list of necessary weapons

Photo: Office of the President Zelensky again asks the West for weapons – – Ukraine needs artillery and ammunition, tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft. President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday, April 13, recorded a video message in English calling for Ukraine to be provided with the necessary weapons for a war with Russia. So, Ukraine asks […]

The Red Cross responded to accusations of complicity with the Russian Federation

Photo: Facebook/ICRCRu Red Cross convoy – – The ICRC called the accusations of the Ukrainian side false and spoke about the efforts to “meet humanitarian needs.” The International Humanitarian Organization Red Cross reacted to the Ukrainian side’s accusations of “impotence” and “forced deportation” of Mariupol residents to the Russian Federation. All data in the organization […]

Fortunately, it has Dual Sim on the Galaxy S22 Series 5G

Merdeka.com – sophistication smartphone not only seen from the embedded technology. The need for two different numbers in one device is also a sophistication smartphone itself. Especially with the need for business. For example, the first card is used to contact or keep in touch with family and close friends, while the second card is […]

Military registration of women: the list of professions has been reduced

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine In Ukraine, women were obliged to register for military service – – The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have the opportunity, if necessary and urgent needs, to make changes to the list of professions and specialties for women. The Ministry of Defense has developed and […]

How Samsung Answers All Gen Z Needs with Galaxy S21 FE 5G

The younger generation or who is familiarly called Gen Z at this time is indeed the one who is intensively looking for it smartphone that suits your needs. Especially digital industry Currently very rapidly which makes everything online. Generation Z is arguably the future thinkers defined by success, connection, expression. The way Generation Z behaves […]

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G: Flagship Smartphone for Gen Z with a lot of passion

Anytime Plus – Gen Z is known to have its own characteristics, one of which is creative and has a lot of passion. Especially along with the increasingly rapid development of technology to support any passion to run. Starting from gaming, photography, making Reels or creative TikTok videos that attract the attention of many followers, […]

How to Make a Bar Chart, Easy to Do

Merdeka.com – In research world, diagrams are important for presenting information to the general public. In this case the diagram offers to conceptualize the material visually to make it more clear and interesting. Using diagrams we can often explain statistical data and other important information, such as how a particular system functions, quickly and with […]

Bouvron. Important needs for blood donation

The association of blood donors is organizing a blood drive this Monday in Bouvron. One of the consequences of the health crisis is the increased need for blood. A call for donations is therefore launched throughout France. Donors of all blood groups are sought on condition of being over 18. The health pass is not […]