A freight train derailed near Kiev. Several flights delayed / GORDON

The delays were caused by the derailment of a freight train on the Vasilkov – Boyarka section in the Kiev region. As of 9.00, a number of flights were delayed: №144 Ivano-Frankivsk – Kiev (delay was 3 hours); # 142 Lviv – Bakhmut (delay was 3 hours 15 minutes); No. 358 Rakhiv – Kiev (delay […]

I voted for Klitschko / GORDON

“Vitaly Vladimirovich is a brilliant athlete. I voted for him – so that you understand. I think that he is a strong personality. But I don’t understand …” – said Arahamia. “You did not vote for the representative of the Servant of the People?” – said Klitschko. “I voted for you. I can, I have […]

In Kiev, a patrol car collided with a motorcycle, there is a victim / GORDON

According to dtp.kiev.ua, the motorcyclist suffered a broken arm as a result of a collision with a patrol car and was hospitalized. In Kiev, on Elena Teligi Street, on the evening of March 28, an accident occurred with the participation of a motorcycle and a patrol police car. About it informs dtp.kiev.ua в Facebook. It […]

Three suspects in the murder of a public activist were detained in Kiev / GORDON

On March 28, police found the body of a public activist with multiple injuries. According to “Ukrainska Pravda”, the killed is Oleksandr Mandich. Kiev law enforcement officers detained three suspects in the abduction and murder of a public activist. About it informs Kiev prosecutor’s office on Facebook. According to the investigation, in the late evening […]

The main state flag of Ukraine was lowered again / GORDON

The main flag of Ukraine, installed in Kiev, was lowered for the second time in several days due to windy weather until the weather conditions improved. The main flag of Ukraine, installed in Kiev, the second time in a few days lowered through windy weather until weather conditions improved. About it informs the official portal […]

The main state flag of Ukraine was lowered in Kiev / GORDON

The decision to lower the main state flag of Ukraine in the Kiev city state administration was explained by a strong wind. The main state flag of Ukraine was lowered in Kiev. This was announced on March 7 by the deputy head of the Kiev City State Administration (KSCA) Vyacheslav Nepop, informs website of the […]