Corona and pregnancy … global health answers the most important questions

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" To clarify many of the questions that revolve around pregnant women’s minds novel coronavirusShe answered World Health Organization On a number of these questions. Are pregnant women at higher risk of Covid-19? The international organization says: "Women who are pregnant or have recently been pregnant appear to be more advanced […]

Ashley Graham shares souvenir photo of her birth in the water

The end of the year periods are conducive to nostalgia, and especially in pictures! During this month of December, many Instagram users have played the game of “show us a picture of …”. It is then up to the subscribers to request a moment of the private life of these said people. A large number […]

the actress appeared on the street with a rounded belly

Ilya Bogomolov The paparazzi filmed the actress walking around Los Angeles with a rounded belly. Emma Stone found her family happiness. Photo: The star of the films “Welcome to Zombieland”, “Excellent student of easy virtue”, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “La La Land”, 32-year-old actress Emma Stone is pregnant. In fresh photographs of the paparazzi, […]

How bad is alcohol during pregnancy?

“Are you pregnant?” This is the question women who toast with apple spritzer at a party must expect. Because everyone knows: Sparkling wine, beer, wine, cocktails and other drinks with alcohol are taboo for pregnant women. Nevertheless, in Germany alone, several thousand babies are born every year with alcohol damage because their mother drank during […]

After its ban in Germany .. What is the risk of seeing a fetus with a triple-ray scan?

4:00 pm Tuesday 29 December 2020 I wrote – Hind Khalifa The majority of pregnant women are keen, during their follow-up with their own doctor, to perform an ultrasound, because of different beliefs they have between the necessity of reassurance of the fetus and its complete condition, or the tendency of motherhood and fatherhood that […] Federal Foundation for Mother and Child

The offer is available to you at the Westend advice center. Pregnant women in an emergency can apply to the foundation if they have a low income. Help can only be requested during pregnancy. If you live with your partner or spouse, their income is also included in the calculation. The Foundation generally grants a […]

What exercises are safe during pregnancy and how to do them at home

An expert explains why (supervised) sport is beneficial during pregnancy and what are the best exercises that can be performed Updated 12/10/2020 21:37 Did you know to exercise during pregnancy may avoid excess weight, the appearance of gestational diabetes, improve low back pain and mobility usually? We have sought advice from those who know the […]

Married for 3 years and give birth to a son!Master psychic “Ancestors don’t want you to have children” Xiao Shushen gave up dumbfounded

(Photo/Xiao Shushen KittyHsiao Facebook) A+ A- Actress Xiao Shushen’s acting career has fluctuated. The 15-year-old husband Liang Xuan’an accompanied her through drug rehabilitation and anti-cancer treatment. The two have been married for more than 3 years and have a happy marriage, but they have been unable to give birth to children. A few days ago, […]