Ex-mole Elisabet Haesevoets gave birth to third child

Elisabet Haesevoets gave birth to a daughter, Charlize. — ©  Guy Puttemans Elisabet Haesevoets (35), two years ago saboteur on duty in the television hit The mole, gave birth to her third child yesterday. It has become a daughter, named Charlize. “Our little princess is here”, it sounds happy. Desmytere Road Today at 13:13 TV-watching […]

German muse of Karel Gott († 80): A baby is waiting!

The muse that eviled years ago Karla Gotta († 80), now even regularly carrying babies that they wear in their bellies, they release well-known fairy tales, including the cult children’s series The Bee May. The sexy blonde kept the pregnancy a secret for a long time, but in the end she went out with the […]

Kate Middleton, the looks of 10 years ago that she still wears

Kate Middleton, the looks she still wears from 10 years ago After 10 years of marriage and three children, Kate Middleton he still wears the same clothes he wore at the beginning of his royal career. Its secret? A diet without pasta and potatoes that allows her to brush up on the look she wore […]

GF Vip, Amedeo Goria and the truth about Vera Miales’ pregnancy

In episode of 11 October of GF VIP 6 we have witnessed the spectacularization of news that is very difficult to absorb and deal with: Amedeo Goria in fact, he discovered the truth about the alleged pregnancy of his partner Vera Miales, who is obviously not pregnant. No sweet expectation, but it is the outline […]

You Experience These Symptoms, be careful High Cholesterol

BUSINESS POTENTIAL Cholesterol is present in every cell of the human body and has a very important natural function in the process of digesting food, producing hormones and producing vitamin D. Cholesterol is produced by the body is also contained in food. Form cholesterol it’s like wax and fat. Cholesterol is an oil-based substance. Existence […]

The fetus in the womb often sleeps and can dream before delivery, Bun

Jakarta – Embryo growth in the womb is getting faster before delivery. Besides being able to hear and see, the fetus turns out to have a sleep cycle and can dream, you know, Mother. Just like a newborn, the fetus will spend most of its time sleeping. Quotes ParentsThe fetus will spend about 90 to […]

Kate Middleton pregnant? The embarrassing rejection

Kate Middleton, from the cyclamen suit to the black jumpsuit Kate Middleton is pregnant for the fourth time? Though the Duchess of Cambridge’s latest public appearances seem to belie the pregnancy, rumors of a new expectation are still circulating. A new doubt crept in when William’s wife he refused a glass of whiskey during his […]