WHO: The world has covered almost 60% of the way to fight COVID

Photo: Unsplash The scientist urged to increase the level of vaccination A leading researcher at the organization said that humanity has covered almost 60% of the way in the fight against COVID-19. Humanity has covered almost 60% of the path to exit the pandemic, but the emergence of new strains of coronavirus and other unexpected […]

New York: Met opera again – for the first time opera by an African American – culture

This year the opening spectacle was significantly restricted due to the corona crisis, a red carpet was not even rolled out. Artists, employees and spectators had to present proof of vaccination, the opera had previously declared itself a “completely vaccinated house”. The performance was broadcast live on video screens in Times Square and in a […]

More than 700,000 corona deaths in the USA

Published: Saturday, 10/02/2021 4:25 AM It was not until June that the USA exceeded the 600,000 corona death mark. Since then, another 100,000 have been added – more than 1,000 people lose the fight against the virus there every day. © David J. Phillip (dpa) pandemic Washington (AP) – Since the pandemic began, more than […]

Irritated colon syndrome – El Financiero

It seems that a new sequel is added to the list of conditions that COVID-19 brings with it. Irritated colon syndrome could be related to the virus. On Case report of restless anal syndrome as restless legs syndrome variant after COVID-19 The medical history of a patient who had COVID and later developed irritated colon […]

Vaccination against covid to minors: diseases that Ssa contemplates

The Ministry of Health announced the guidelines for vaccination against coronavirus to minors who suffer from comorbidities that put them especially at risk of suffering from the disease in a serious way. Through a list, he made known what are the conditions that he contemplates for immunization to adolescents from 12 to 17 years old, […]

A 39-year-old man with a vaccine and without diseases died of COVID in Plovdiv

Three teachers and 13 students infected A 39-year-old man with a vaccine and without concomitant diseases died of COVID in Plovdiv, RHI reported. The other 8 who lost the battle with the infection in the last 24 hours had concomitant diseases and did not have immunizations. The oldest is 89 years old. During the past […]