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Effective Shock Wave Therapy and Plasmolifting at Sanatorium-Preventorium Gornyak


🔥Shock wave therapy (SWT) is a modern highly effective physiotherapeutic method of treatment, which is based on the use of shock-acoustic waves of a certain frequency delivered by a device.

Indications for shock wave therapy

  • Urology (chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease),
  • traumatology, orthopedics, sports medicine (heel spurs, arthrosis of joints, chronic damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles, rehabilitation after injuries and bone fractures, elimination of muscle pain);
  • aesthetic medicine (“widow’s hump”, fat deposits of any location, lymphostasis, soft tissue edema).

The procedure is primarily indicated for various types of pain, tension, and spasms. SWT is often used in the postoperative period during rehabilitation to restore range of motion in joints, reduce the severity of inflammation, reduce tissue swelling, and improve blood circulation in the pathological focus.

Advantages of UVT:

  • Non-invasiveness – no trauma to the skin, no penetration into tissues, as with blockades;
  • Safety – does not cause any complications, the procedure does not harm the body;
  • By relieving or reducing pain, the method completely allows you to reduce or completely eliminate the use of painkillers;
  • There are no restrictions after the procedure – you can immediately lead a normal lifestyle and go for a walk or work;
  • High efficiency – in the treatment of some diseases it reaches 95%;
  • Quick effect – many patients notice improvement after the first procedure;
  • The procedure is carried out using modern professional equipment from LONGEST (Germany).

🔥Plasmolifting (PRP therapy)
This is a modern, newest method of treating the musculoskeletal system, any tissues and systems of the body,
based on the therapeutic properties of a person’s own blood plasma.

Main indications:

  • deforming arthrosis of any joints, coxarthrosis, chronic injuries to ligaments and bones, spinal osteochondrosis, disc herniations, diseases of the skin and scalp (skin aging, eczema, seborrhea, hair loss, excess dandruff, acne).
  • no side effects;
  • zero risk of allergic reactions;
  • reducing the drug burden on the body;
  • a wide range of diseases and injuries for which the procedure is effective;
  • effective tissue restoration, inflammation relief;
  • lack of rehabilitation period;
  • is carried out for people of any age.

Why should this procedure be carried out specifically at the GORNGYAK Sanatorium-Preventorium?
– The sanatorium has everything necessary for PRP therapy: equipped premises, trained medical personnel, necessary equipment and original products.
– Availability of a doctor’s certificate to carry out this procedure and training directly from the developers and creators of the Plasmolifting procedure.
– Individual approach to each patient, maintaining medical records, consultations with a doctor, the possibility of combination with physiotherapeutic procedures.
– Prices for the Plasmolifting procedure are much lower than in medical centers in neighboring cities and the regional center.

LLC “Sanatorium-preventorium “Gornyak” is located at:

d. Guy, he is. Komsomolskaya, 13.

Inquiries by phone: 📞 8(35362) 4-70-37 from 8.00 to 20.00.

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 09.30-16.00.

Friday from 09.30-15.00, lunch from 13.00-14.00

Attention! There are contraindications! Specialist consultation required!

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