Colombian companies will be in the ShowRoom Puerto Rico to achieve exports

A group of 15 Colombian companies will visit San Juan de Puerto Rico to present to businessmen from the construction sector, hardware dealers, architects and Puerto Rican designers a wide range of materials for construction, within the framework of the first in-person ShowRoom of 2021, organized by ProColombia . During the meeting, which will take […]

Better understand the Health Insurance Act

(Official Togo) – This Friday, the ministers of the civil service and of universal access to healthcare will take part in the program “At the heart of the nation”On national television (TVT). Objective, to continue the government pedagogy started the day before around the new law on health insurance adopted Wednesday by the deputies. Better […]

Wanda Hamidah Meets Prudential Management: A Little Late

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Politician Wanda Hamidah | finally met the management Prudential Indonesia after the complaint he launched went viral on social media. Wanda judged the meeting a bit late. Even so, he respects the company’s intentions insurance the Englishman in listening to his disappointment. According to Wanda, Prudential’s management promised to review the […]

Wanda Hamidah Reveals Results of Meeting with Prudential Insurance

Jakarta, Insertlive – Wanda Hamidah | create a scene in cyberspace after submitting a complaint to the insurance company Prudential. Wanda was disappointed and felt like she had been cheated because she couldn’t disburse insurance funds according to the needs of the operation costs of the child who had an accident. Wanda’s complaint was finally […]

Wanda Hamidah Called Stupid After Prudential Complaints

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Politician Wanda Hamidah | admitted that he was attacked by a number of insurance agents after making a complaint to Prudential Indonesia through their social media accounts. He called being said stupid for not being able to read the police insurance. This was expressed through Instagram @wanda_hamidah. “Get it together first […]

Wanda Hamidah Vs Prudential, Here Are 3 Things You Can Know

Jakarta – Figure audience, Wanda Hamidah | feel cheated by insurance company, Prudential Indonesia. He expressed his frustration through his Instagram. How about more information? 1. Wanda Feels The Cost Of Covering Is Less In the written statement, Wanda Hamidah wrote about her son having to undergo surgery due to an injury. As an athlete, […]

Wanda Hamidah Feels Tricked Prudential: I’m Sorry

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Politician Wanda Hamidah | feel cheated by Prudential Indonesia. He admitted that he regretted using the company’s services insurance who is based in the UK due to billing issues at the hospital when he made his claim. “I regret using Prudential insurance!” said Wanda through the page instagramhim, quoted Monday (11/10). […]