Russia declares Sovietism as its ideology

Such stories are possible because the absolute majority of Russian citizens do not have the opportunity to “snoop” beyond the borders of the country and see how magnificent and illuminated the Christmas markets in European capitals were, or how wet the Champs-Élysées were in Paris in LED bulbs. Hearing horror stories about Latvians dining in […]

The Russian Orthodox Church TV channel broadcasts war propaganda

ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 18:29 Paul Alexander foreign publisher Paul Alexander foreign publisher Priest and TV presenter wear bulletproof vests and army helmets in the war-torn village of Volnovacha in Donbas. I’m for the program War and the Bible went to occupied territory in Ukraine with a television crew to talk about “God’s intentions” with this war. “Is […]

Leave Kherson, leave the Security Council / GORDON

As Nebenzya himself stated (the text of his speech published on the website of the Russian representative office), he did so in order not to “listen to the bilious eloquence” of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine Serhiy Kislytsya. Before that, he voiced a number of Russian propaganda theses (including “neo-Nazi rallies” in Ukraine), “confirmed” Moscow’s […]

VIDEO ⟩ “Behind the curtain”: Propagandists have begun to demonize Poland

The American TV channel CNBC quotes Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Olga Stefanishina, who promises to investigate what is seen in the video: “Ukrainian forces have absolutely no interest in executing anyone, and have a direct order to take as many prisoners of war possible to exchange prisoners with Russia. Any potential execution of a […]