When Quebec mixes good and bad science

Are our classrooms nests for COVID-19? Should they be better ventilated? Should air purifiers be installed there? Last Friday, the government finally took stock of these issues. Unfortunately, it ended up bringing more confusion than clarification. Why ? Because during the same press conference, he presented some solid scientific results alongside others that appear to […]

Today “Blackout Day” at OZ Rosenau – with video clip

What do we need electricity for every day? And how does the energy get into the socket? Today, Monday, January 11, 2021, the pupils of the Rosenau Upper School will find out for themselves what it means if the power fails. As part of the climate school program, the school is holding a Blackout Day […]

National cinema is screened for free in Misiones

Among the films chosen to be screened in the different communities are the films Mangoré, Empty cans, Mitã’i, Caramelomi and Guaraní, plus a children’s short film called Circus Nde Rógape. In Santa Rosa, Misiones, where the first activity was held, the film was screened 7 Boxes, with the magnificent performance of Carlos Alberto Beto Ayala, […]

A new fine for motorists has been introduced in Russia :: Society :: RBC

In Russia, on January 10, a fine for motorists came into force, which will be charged in case of non-payment of travel on toll roads. Failure to pay travel on such roads in a passenger car will result in a fine of RUB 1,500, and on trucks and buses – RUB 5,000. The innovations will […]

A semi-shock treatment – La Presse +

Curfew. The word comes from the Middle Ages. It is said to originally refer to that time when the bell rang to warn people that it was time to put out the fire in the fireplace. At nightfall, before going to bed, we covered the embers with a cast iron cover to avoid any risk […]

Havasu Falls in Colorado Canyon .. | Funny pictures, sayings, jokes, really funny

This site uses cookies. We can use it to evaluate page usage in order to display usage-based editorial content and advertising. You can find more information about cookies and in particular how you can object to their use in our privacy policy. Havasu Falls in Colorado Canyon. » « added: 2021-01-06 06:05:47 Comments (0) tags: […]

They promote free outdoor cinema in Misiones

All the films that will be screened are national such as Look at me and don’t touch me and Guaraní, among others. “We want to experience the behavior of people in a cultural event, establishing all the health measures provided by the Government. Cultural containment is necessary to offer an activity to young people, in […]

Milan defend their top ten

Despite being outnumbered for an hour, Milan won 2-0 against newly promoted Benevento. Penalty midfielder Franck Kessié and Portuguese center forward Rafael Leão scored the goals for the Milanese, who lost Sandro Tonali after just over half an hour to a hard red card. The referee had shown the 20-year-old midfielder the yellow card, but […]