Dresden: Illegal march – protection for the university clinic of medical students

Jan 14, 2022 at 12:43 am Deployment after telegram call : Medical students protect themselves in front of the university clinic in Dresden Students in white coats in front of the university hospital in Dresden. Photo: dpa/Sebastian Kahnert Dresden In Saxony, a maximum of ten people are allowed to come together because of the many […]

Twitter introduces Communities

Twitter begins testing a new feature called Communities (or Communities). It allows users of the microblogging social network to send messages directly to a group rather than to all of their followers. These communities are presented as dedicated places allowing users to come into contact with each other, to share and discuss specific topics that […]

Turkey in sight | U19 World Cup

GROUP A Canada finished in the first placement. Goal Senegal 85-56 and remained undefeated in the tournament. The winner had a devastating first part. After winning +14 the first quarter, he continued his offensive rhythm, went to the locker room 50 – 36 and managed the score until the end. He dominated the rebounds with […]

Colombia Copa América group stage participations | America’s Cup 2021

Colombia’s recent participations in the Copa América have left many sensations in several campaigns, despite not winning the title, the disappointment is presented from the football point of view, such as the satisfaction of fitting in a good campaign. However, the absence of a new crown is conspicuous by its absence. And it is that […]

The 18 will play at the World Cup 2022 with Russia, Sweden, Belarus and Germany

Today 09:15 – Frisco Czech hockey players under the age of 18 will play in the basic group B with Russia, Sweden, Belarus and Germany for a year at the World Championships, the organizer of which will be determined. Defenders of the title Canada, Finland, the United States, Switzerland and Latvia will present themselves in […]