New York: a man saved a woman from being stabbed to death

The incident occurred on May 19, when Sean Conaboy was waiting for the subway to arrive on a platform in a Manhattan station when he noticed a man who was acting “a little suspiciously.” It was then that the attacker approached the woman from behind, threw her to the ground and for no apparent reason […]

National television: Reinvent yourself or die

The health crisis devastated everything: it took the lives of those who were infected with COVID-19, staggered many companies that were forced to close their doors or lay off their staff and, among other things, reached the entertainment industry, including television. In August 2020 we started the pre-production of the second season of Masterchef. Therefore, […]

Horeca event in Mons: “We’re all dying”

Through Héloïse Wibaut Journalist La Province – Nord Eclair | Published on 2/5/2021 7:30 PM This Friday, around a hundred people were present on the Grand’Place in Mons. The demonstration brought together restaurateurs, cafetiers and entrepreneurs from the region, all hit hard by the closures imposed in the context of the health crisis. Their claim: […]

Florida man saved from dying after alligator attack

September 18, 2020 – 15:09 – By DRAFTING It is about a 60-year-old who was walking with his dog along a canal bed when he was attacked by an eight-foot crocodile MIAMI.- A man was attacked by a crocodile while taking a morning walk with his dog in Port St. Lucie, a town north of […]