The diagnosis of the head of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman is revealed

Photo: Jiri Ovcacek The reason for the hospitalization of the President of the Czech Republic The disease detected in the president has a negative effect on the activity of the brain, media reported. Czech President Milos Zeman, who is at the Central Military Hospital in Prague, suffers from hepatic encephalopathy. On Wednesday, October 13, the […]

Easy Recipe for Itchy Skin Disease or Psoriasis by Doctor Zaidul Akbar

DESKABABLE – Do not take lightly itchy skin. If left unchecked, it is not impossible to get an infection, it can even cause much more serious problems. In some cases, psoriasis can cause several other conditions such as, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure. To treat itchy skin Psoriasis, a preacher who also professed as […]

Breast cancer Roxana Valadez has struggled with the disease two years ago

Josefina Ruiz Guadalajara / 11.10.2021 21:53:56 Since March 2019, Roxana Valadez Quintero, who was 39 years old at the time, detected that she had a lump in her right breastAfter attending a check-up with her private doctor, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the fact that she has been in treatment for the last […]

Saakashvili’s condition worsened due to hunger strike

Currently Saakashvili accepts only water The politician’s personal physician said that Saakashvili suffers from a rare blood disease, in which it is forbidden to starve. Former President Mikheil Saakashvili, arrested in Georgia, has been on hunger strike for the tenth day in Rustavi prison. His doctor Nikoloz Kipshidze said that Saakashvili’s condition was deteriorating. It […]

WHO: The world has covered almost 60% of the way to fight COVID

Photo: Unsplash The scientist urged to increase the level of vaccination A leading researcher at the organization said that humanity has covered almost 60% of the way in the fight against COVID-19. Humanity has covered almost 60% of the path to exit the pandemic, but the emergence of new strains of coronavirus and other unexpected […]

Padang is Targeted to be Free of Rabies by 2030, 2,500 Pets Inject Vaccines – The Padang City Government (Pemko) targets the area to be free of rabies by 2030. One of the efforts to achieve this is by injecting vaccines into three types of pets, namely dogs, cats and monkeys. “The rabies vaccination is aimed at realizing the city of Padang is free of rabies by 2030,” […]

The World Health Organization has given …

Children in much of Africa will be vaccinated against malaria following a historic decision to fight the deadly disease, according to the BBC. Malaria has been one of the scourges of humanity for thousands of years and mainly kills children. Making a vaccine – after more than a century of trying – is one of […]