Covid, Maurizio Acerbo on the biocontainment stretcher: “Never been so bad”

On 18 September he entered the hospital in Pescara with a diagnosis of Covid. High fever, exhaustion and pneumonia. In the short space of a few hours, therefore, he found himself attached to the respirator. In very serious condition. Maurizio Acerbo, 54, national secretary of the Communist Refoundation, the last politician who fell under the […]

Recognize the Symptoms of Diplopia in order to get the right therapy

loading… JAKARTA – Diplopia or double vision is a condition in which the patient sees two views of one object. If you experience something like this, a person can close one eye to see if it is monocular diplopia or binocular diplopia. Eye specialist Aini Eye Hospital, Jakarta, dr. Dialica, SpM said, if two views […]

Alert! Apart from Covid-19, there are serious diseases that threaten the world

LENGKONG,AYOBANDUNG.WITH — The world today is still shaking under the pandemic Covid-19, however disease new infectious bacteria, Brucellosis, gradually started to become a serious problem. Thousands of people have tested positive for the bacteria in northwest China. Lanzhou National Health Commission (NHC), capital of Gansu province, recently confirmed 3,245 people had been infected disease and […]

Actor Petr Čtvrtníček is in hospital, his coronavirus infection is serious

Actor Petr Čtvrtníček became infected with coronavirus and the disease has a serious course, so he had to be hospitalized. He became ill last week, but his condition worsened so much that the ambulance had to take him to a hospital in Prague’s Motol. The daily reported that the quarterly ended up in the intensive […]

Ivana Gottová is positive for covid: Karel’s premiere is postponed!

“Ivana Gottová has confirmed a positive test for the covid-19 virus since this morning, September 23,” spokeswoman Aneta Stolzová said yesterday. “Therefore, unfortunately, he cannot attend the press screening and press conference, which is scheduled for September 30. Because Ivana Gottová wants to be considerate of others and not risk transmitting the virus to anyone […]

By slimming the pancreas can also ‘heal’ – Diabetes

“Healing” from type 2 diabetes through weight loss is associated with a normalization of the size and structure of the pancreas, due to the improvement in the release of the hormone insulin that follows weight loss. This is the new result of the Roy Taylor team of Newcastle University, which has been studying the effects […]

Apart from malaria and dengue fever, be aware of leptospirosis during the rainy season

GALAMEDIA – At the moment rainy season, The Ministry of Health asked the public to be aware disease malaria and dengue fever (DBD) carried by mosquitoes and leptospirosis transmitted by mice. “These are all vector-borne. The first is a mosquito vector, the second is leptospirosis from mice. The third is likely to occur frequently,” said […]