Huge traffic jam on Hemus – from Pravets to the last tunnel before Sofia

Tunnel Photo Archive A huge traffic jam in the three lanes after Pravets in the direction of Sofia has also formed on the Hemus highway. Cars pass at 10 kilometers per hour through this section and stop every 5 minutes. As it is known, one pipe of the penultimate tunnel before Sofia does not work […]

The story of the Struma Motorway, which caused the accident with 45 victims

The fatal section of the Struma Motorway, which caused a severe accident with 45 victims – between Daskalovo and Dolna Dikanya, does not have the status of a highway. It turns out that for almost 15 years the route has been without Act 16 and is a first-class road. “Struma” is a highway in the […]

Unseen! Section in Burgas passes on paper bulletins, lack …

The 31st section in Burgas is on paper ballots. The reason is that the members of the sectional election commission cannot find the location of the smart cards needed to be inserted in the readers of the machines in order to exercise the right to vote, NOVA reported. In general, however, the election day in […]

Radina Kardzhilova voted with the baby, Deyan Donkov crashed the machine

The beloved actress Radina Kardzhilova voted today together with her baby, she admitted to bTV. She went to the polling station with eight-month-old John, but is worried about the low turnout so far. Deyan Donkov, the other half, admitted that he had “failed and slightly blown up” in front of the machine and admitted that […]

Who are the doctors charged in the case opened after the fire at Piatra Neamţ Hospital

The prosecutor’s office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice announced suspicions in the case of the biggest tragedy that took place at the ATI Section of the Neamţ County Hospital, six former managers, two doctors and two nurses being charged. According to Adevărul information, the head of the ATI Department, Liviu Ungureanu, […]

Three people died in the hellish accident near Plovdiv 03.05.2021 09:06; Anelia Percheva Ruler Photo Archive Not two, as was the initial information, and three men died last night in a brutal accident near Plovdiv. It happened at about 10 pm on a straight section between the villages of Markovo and Brestnik. A 45-year-old BMW 5 jeep overtook at an inappropriate speed […]

Land promises basic support for Krefeld Promenade

February 25, 2021 at 6:38 pm Paid content: Cycling in Krefeld : Land agrees to support the promenade The second section of the Krefeld Promenade between Kuhleshütte and Hausbend will be officially opened in spring. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld The next section will be released in spring. There are new funding pots for the […]