Economic euphoria wins deconfined New York

REPORTAGE – Activities are gradually resuming thanks to massive vaccinations and health improvements. At New York New York, the sleeping beauty, had not seen this for sixteen months: Manhattan transformed into a vibrating beehive, its arteries again congested, the noria of sirens and horns, Broadway and its shops, between Canal Street and Union Square, taken […]

they started their business during the pandemic

The health crisis is not preventing young entrepreneurs from getting started. They face new kinds of challenges. They dare, and they have never even been so numerous! Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, 848,200 new businesses were created last year (+ 4% compared to 2019), a record according to INSEE. Among these companies, there is in […]

Hristo Ivanov: The political forces are not ready for a profound change

Hristo Ivanov STAFF: bTV The third term is a crisis mandate. This is the last attempt to reach the normal procedure. This is what the leader of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov told bTV. “We have not stopped trying to have a cabinet. The DB has a clear program for what needs to be done. From […]

USA: Board salaries skyrocket amid pandemic

For the majority of the population, the Covid-19 pandemic is a catastrophe on a scale that has not occurred since World War II. With over 586,000 fatalities in the US alone, millions of families have lost loved ones – parents, spouses, siblings, and even children who fell victim to the virus within days of becoming […]