Green pass: for one night Porto Trieste becomes a disco – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, OCTOBER 16 – Unusual crowd in front of Varco 4 of the Port of Trieste at midnight where instead of beefy Balkan or Eastern European truck drivers over two hundred people dance and have fun to the sound of techno or strongly rhythmic music shot by a acoustic box. Among the LED […]

Corona patient in hospital is often awake all night

Sufficient sleep is of great importance for the proper functioning of many processes in your body. If you don’t get enough sleep, you have a greater chance of contracting infections, and it is more difficult for your body to fight these infections. A bad night’s sleep makes you more irritable and more prone to physical […]

Angers. A “Night of Law” devoted to the death penalty

The Angers courthouse is participating in the Night of Law, this Monday, October 4, with an evening debate devoted to the history of the death penalty and its abolition in France. It will take place in the hall of the Assize Court and it is open to all. On the program, there is the screening […]

Boycott establishments did not close at 11 pm (PHOTOS)

The restaurants on Vitosha Blvd. continued to work PHOTOS: Nikolay Litov In Student City, discos explain that they make round-the-clock repairs As of today, Bulgaria has introduced stricter measures against COVID-19 and another wave due to the delta option. According to them, nightclubs are closing, and an evening hour is being introduced for restaurants. A […]

Don’t Let Bedwetting Disturbance –

JAKARTA – Bedwetting in the elderly and male groups is often considered normal. But basically this is actually a health disorder that can reduce the quality of life, cause sexual disorders, and even depression. Bedwetting and bedwetting can increase the incidence of depression, especially in the elderly. They become more dependent on the family and […]

Scottie Pippen rents his mansion for 77 euros a night for the Tokyo Olympics

The basketball star has used the Airbnb platform to offer his fans a juicy opportunity endFOLLOW, CONTINUE The mansion Scottie Pippen rents on Airbnb The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are just around the corner, and there are many athletes who want to celebrate such a special occasion ‘in their own way’ with the […]


Tonight,You will find your body fallingAnd you can’t wake up. All you know is that someone took you into the wildest imagination you could ever want.Dragging you to the dreams you never reached Tomorrow morning,You will find your body can no longer fall.All you know is that you’ve gotten to the very bottom. Pekanbaru, 2020 […]