Harry Potter sold Harry Potter. The real bearer of the name auctioned the book

In 1997, eight-year-old Harry Potter from Waterlooville, Hampshire, England, received a book from his “completely overwhelmed” father. Potter held a book called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by Joanne Kate Rowling, then unknown, and now a grown man, he has sold his copy. In New Zealand, a state-paid wizard ends up. He was probably […]

Obama, tax rich people like me to fund Biden’s Last Hour agenda

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 28 SEPTEMBER – Barack Obama takes the field in support of the White House in the decisive week for the future of the Biden agenda. “It is necessary to tax the rich a little more, including me, to finance the president’s spending plan – he said in an interview with ABC – […]

Do you know how the most downloaded game is in the decade of PS Plus history?

Thanks to the PlayStation Plus (PS +) subscription, not only can the playstation owner use online multiplayer, but they also get a few games for free. And most of them are not dn bka, but real game hits. Fall Guys are game variations on Takei’s Castle. This is also the significance of the Mediatonic studio, […]

Recommended Books for Studying the Universe, from Science to Religion Sudut

There are many books on basic astronomy that you can read if you are interested in the topic of the universe. Photos/Getty Images JAKARTA – Are you interested in learning about astronomy and the mysteries of the celestial world? The books The following can be your guide to do it. From basic books that discuss […]

A book sinks the myth of the ineffectiveness of the Navy prior to Trafalgar

As befits a nation accustomed to ruling entire seas, the historical image of the Spanish Armada navigates to extremes. Aft or bow. Disaster or glory. Trafalgar or Blas de Lezo … With clubs in hand, there is no room for nuances, nor to explain the complex evolutions that the enlightened Navy experienced. The 18th century […]

Arran burns photos of Giró, Sánchez Llibre and managers before Foment del Treball

BARCELONA, 11 (EUROPA PRESS) Arran has burned this Saturday in front of the headquarters of Foment del Treball photographs of the Minister of Economy of the Generalitat, Jaume Giró; the president of the Catalan employers’ association, Josep Sánchez Llibre, and the presidents of ACS and Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, and Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán. They […]

Book and television fair

The Madrid Book Fair, like the Fallas, has been forced to change its date due to the Pandemic. In 2020 it was not celebrated and this year it could not do it on its usual date of May or June; so it was decided for September. The booksellers, who pay 1,670 euros to rent a […]