When The New York Times describes the splendor of Tunisia

By myriam mbarek | 1 hour ago 🔊 Listen to the article <!– –> The prestigious journal The New York Times dedicated an article to Tunisia in his column “Around the World at Home”, written by journalist Sebastian Modak, on January 12, 2021. Given that it is difficult, if not impossible for some to travel […]

Tunisia: FTDS denounces violent security treatment of social movements

The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDS) held the government responsible for the “violent security treatment” of social movements. The FTDS warns, in a statement released on Sunday, against the consequences of this approach, at a time when the country is experiencing a global crisis which calls for a political leadership that respects […]

A huge asteroid crosses Earth’s orbit at the beginning of the new year

Reports indicate that an asteroid estimated to be larger than the “Empire State”, the famous skyscraper in New York, will fly into Earth’s orbit in the new year. NASA is tracking asteroid 2003 AF23, which is expected to rapidly blast into Earth orbit on Sunday, January 3, 2021, making it the first space giant rock […]

Tunisia: Lotfi Bouchnak president of the administrative committee of the artists’ union

Singer Nour Chiba has just announced the creation of the artists’ union which is chaired by Lotfi Bouchnak. Saber Rebai has been appointed general secretary of the union. He will be supported by Nebiha Karaouli, Nawel Ghachem, Ghazi Ayadi, Nour Chiba, Hatem Guizani and Abdelbasset Belgaied who will be deputy secretary generals. The administrative committee […]

USA vs China fight on 5G in Tunisia

USA vs China fight on 5G in Tunisia The 5G in Tunisia who would have believed that it would be the reason for a war of giants namely China and the United States. Warning: spoiler there is a winner! The Ministry of Communication Technologies announced today on its official Facebook page that it has reached […]

The youth team is on its way to the stadium against Tunisia

Wrote: Reham Hamdy Friday, December 18, 2020 1:46 PM A responsible source in the Egyptian youth team revealed that the team went to the stadium for its match against Tunisia in the second round of the North African Championship, which qualifies for the 2021 African Nations Cup in Mauritania. The source said, in exclusive statements, […]

Ben Khedache Hospital Director Fathi Saidi clarifies

By rania ben slimane | 2 hours ago 🔊 Listen to the article <!– –> The Director of the local hospital of Beni Khedache declared, in an interview with the correspondent of Tunisienumérique in Medenine, that the hospital received 60 wounded of which 31 were transferred to the CHU of Medenine. He also confirmed the […]

When is fatigue a sign of “Covid-19”, a cold or the flu?

You may feel tired when you have a covid-19 infection, a cold, or the flu, according to the World Health Organization. This makes it more difficult to determine the real cause of this sudden feeling. When you start to feel a little tired, it’s important to pay attention to all of your symptoms in the […]

Photo of her son’s selfie in front of Notre Dame was sent to the family, the mother of the church attacker in Nice France is desperate to see the footage of the assault: we want the truth

Kolase Sky News / AP The man suspected of attacking the Notre Dame Church in Nice, France, Ibrahim Issaoui (21) and his mother, Gamra Reporters Report GridHot, Desy Kurniasari GridHot.ID – Thursday (29/10/2020) then happened attack at Notre Dame Church in Nice, France. Result attack 3 people lost their lives. Even a woman died tragically […]