Mysterious Mineral Elements Found in Diamonds from Inside the Earth

Diamond illustration. (Pixabay) – For scientist find mysterious minerals found in a Diamond drawn deep beneath the surface Earth. From this diamond, scientists have discovered the first example of a never-before-seen and mysterious mineral. Named davemaoite after experts geophysics Notable Ho-kwang (Dave) Mao, this mineral is the first example of high-pressure calcium silicate perovskite […]

Diamonds from the Earth Contain Mysterious Minerals

Jakarta – In Diamond Found deep below the Earth’s surface, researchers found the first example of an unprecedented mineral. Researchers think the mineral is unlikely to be found on Earth’s surface. The mineral is called davemaoite, after the eminent geophysicist Ho-kwang (Dave) Mao. Davemaoite was the first example of a high-pressure calcium silicate perovskite (CaSiO3) […]

Seriously! Two Giant Asteroids Approach Earth, Potentially Dangerous?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Two giant asteroids are reportedly approaching Earth. Both will fly close to Earth on November 19, 2021. The asteroid is 2021 VR with a diameter of 120 meters. And accompanied by the smaller Asteroid 2021 VJ11 measuring 41 meters or half the wingspan of a 747 jet. 2021 VR will pass […]

NASA Opens Voice About Sunrise from the West

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – NASA opens its voice about the news of the Sun rising from the West. This is based on a post on social media some time ago and said the United States (US) space agency supported the claim. The post, in Thai and English, says the Sun’s activity is approaching a doomsday […]

Four major asteroids are also pulling past Earth over the weekend

On Saturday at dawn it is approx. The asteroid 2021 VR the size of the Cheops Pyramid is 5-6 million kilometers away. The 2021 VR doesn’t even come alone, a smaller asteroid also carries it, the 20-meter-diameter 2021 VJ11. And a day later, a piece of rock even larger than 2021 VR, the 190-meter-diameter 2016 […]

Science journalist named the main threat to life on Earth

Фото: Getty Images The eruption of the volcano Cumbre Vieja on the Spanish island of La Palma, November 2021 The worst natural disaster for the planet could be the eruption of a supervolcano. This already happened 75 thousand years ago, noted the Danish popularizer of science Lars Henrik Ogor. Science journalist Lars Henrik Ogor believes […]