From very far away … a probe detects a “mysterious” signal

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" And it was "Juno" It orbits around Jupiter’s polar region, where lines connect the magnetic field With"Ganymede", When the signal is spotted. Experts have denied astronomy To be the source of this signal AliensThey attributed the phenomenon to the fact that the electrons generate the signals, and they emit the […]

US operator Intelsat, new champion of in-flight Internet services

Although placed under Chapter 11 protection of US bankruptcy law, the satellite telecommunications giant has acquired the Commercial Aviation arm of Gogo, the leading in-flight Internet service provider. Financial restructuring in progress We remember that last May the American operator of geostationary telecommunications satellites Intelsat and some of its subsidiaries had been placed under the […]

Infrared telescope for taking pictures of the whole universe, Astronomical Yeon and NASA start to manufacture

6th NASA Sphere x design final approval Spearx space telescope concept. Provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication The infrared space telescope’Spear x’that can take a picture of the entire universe has entered the production stage. A total of 12 organizations including the Korea Astronomical Research Institute and the National Aeronautical […]

[Mysterious Transmission Belt]Scientists discovered the “gravity highway” of the solar system, allowing celestial bodies to fly from Jupiter to Neptune in 10 years | TechOrange

Recently, astronomers in the United States and Serbia discovered a “gravity highway” in the solar system that can fly celestial bodies 100 astronomical units in less than a century, which is 100 times the distance from the earth to the sun. The research team published the paper in the journal “Science Advance”. Research treatise Portal […]

In 2020, until the COVID-19 adventure But not obstructing space circles

The dominant technology in 2020 seems to have to pour weight into space. That despite the outbreak of The new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (COVID-19) will be totally disrupting the world. Business and work were halted in a row. Many projects are promoted indefinitely. But for the space program, it goes all the way forward. […]

The ashes of this Star Trek actor have been secretly on the ISS for 12 years

Related news Star Trek it has been a milestone in the history of science fiction. It has been a mythical and successful work practically all over the world, even in territories like Spain where the genre had not been established. In part it was thanks to its actors, and some of them now deceased have […]

Is the Primordial Black Hole a child universe created during inflation? –Kavli IPMU | NicoNico News

University of Tokyo International Institute for Advanced Studies Kavli Institute for the PhysicsSpace Research InstituteThe Research Organization (Kavli IPMU) is the accelerated expansion of the early universe.inflationThe “child universe” that was created at times was later primitiveBlack HoleHe proposed the theory that it became.Furthermore, it was shown in this theoryscenarioBut,HawaiiofSubaru TelescopeUltra-wide field of view main […]

The day Chinese rocket debris nearly crashed in New York

A few minutes away, the re-entry into the atmosphere of the Long March 5B rocket could have turned into a tragedy. On May 12, the remains of a Chinese heavy-launcher fell back to Earth after an uncontrolled descent. They flew over the metropolises of Los Angeles and New York before finishing their race about fifteen […]